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vaccinations for hens

Posted by izzyandclive - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by izzyandclive - 4 years ago

thanks for the information - will look into these as read about the red mites and sounds nasty-as you say best avoided

they have plenty of dust to bathe in and lovely to watch them doing this

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Posted by buster-784461 - 4 years ago

Make sure your chucks have some earth to dust bath in!  

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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

I honestly don't know what to advise - people just don't seem to vaccinate over here, although if you feel strongly about it you could try asking a local chicken farmer if you could buy some off him I suppose?  Or I'm sure the vets would advise if you ask them. 

What you do need to do, regardless of vaccinating, is to worm regularly - french stuff and UK stuff are different, so read up about them before you decide, and even consider alternating them if you can.  Also de-louse periodically - you can buy a 'natural' pyrethrum based powder from the vet - called Rodeo by Green Vet - and/or you can use diatomaceous earth copiously in your coop and on your birds.  Personally I'd also creocote your coop against red mite, or find an alternative method of prevention if you prefer.  Definitely something you need to read up about before it becomes an issue because they're nasty, and hard to get rid of once they take hold.   At least the vets over  here don't think you're nuts if you take a bird along to see them anyway ;).  Enjoy your birds, I have lots of fun with mine :).

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Posted by izzyandclive - 4 years ago


thanks for your comments- from what I ahve read-

one of my english books on keeping chickens etc  provides a nice chart on all the vaccines from day 1- week 15/16 including diseases like mareks, salmonella, coccidiosis, infection bursal, bronchilitis/newcastle disease , etc etc

another book suggest only to vaccinate if they if there are diseases in the area? how would you know? other than major outbreaks

 and the other book doesn't mention at all

so hence wasn't sure what should be doing as new to life with chickens

one week in and they seem happy!

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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that you have to buy vaccinations in bulk, so it becomes quite expensive for a small number of hens...  I don't think I know anyone who's had their hens vaccinated - what is it you want to protect against?