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Veterinary complaint.

Posted by evie2009 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

Vets are human and they get it wrong sometimes BUt they shouldn't as they are the proffessionals we turn to when our animals are sick.

years ago I was led on by my then vet to believe that one of my collie's that had autoimmune disease of the blood would get better but 6 months down the line and weekly consultations ( which I was told would be charged half the fee but in reality was charged the full amount even after I protested as I didn't get it in writing!!!) plus to start with daily blood tests which at that time I had to take it to the Lab and call later for the results - all in St Malo and we lived 45 mins away at that time. The blood tests became weekly and then 2 weekly plus they had to do a blood transfussion using another of my collies.

The bill came to over 7000 FF and at the end the Vet told me that the autoimmune disease could come back any time and stress could bring it on again!!!!!!!!

Sometimes they just do not tell the truth!!!

I have been to me  over charged many times as the treament doesn't warrant the amount of money asked. Plus I now buy my wormer tablets on line ( plus other things) as my vet charges 10 euros a tablet and with 4 collies I save by buying on line - costing me around 20 euros inclussive of post instead of 40 euros!!!!!!!!!

However I have found complaining to the actual vet helps and is more effective often than trying to complain to the veterinary Ombudsman. Good luck.

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Posted by Sheldon-433307 - 3 years ago

What is the Point of posting on here when someone is asking about a problem to say 'well we've never had a problem!'  You just stifle useful discussion and reek of smugness.  Vets aren't a problem till they make a problem- so just count your blessings and keep quiet.

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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

Vets do get it wrong at times. We took our cat to our vet because he seemed to have something wrong with his spine and came home looking like he had been in some sort of an accident as his fur was very dirty and he looked in pain when walking.

Our vet told us it was his stomach and gave us medications that we could not administer (our vet knew how difficult it was to do) and we had a very distressing time, both us and our cat, trying to do so. We went back as we knew it was his back and our cat was given an x-ray and an ultrasound which only showed an enlarged lymph gland. We were sent home as the vet said he couldn't find anything wrong with him. 

We went back as our cat's walking got worse and he seemed to have difficulty pooing and peeing. A different vet kept him in overnight and when we went to pick him up the following day we were told it wasn't his stomach but his back. We were referred to a referral centre for more tests. 

It turned out our cat had cancer wrapped round his spinal cord which was being compressed and that is why he couldn't walk properly and was in pain. It was also affecting his ability to pee and poo. 

He also had leukemia and FIV. 

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Posted by avoican - 3 years ago

I have been here 27 years now with my sheep and other animals and never had a problem with my vets in Rostrenen , If your vet says your animal has a problem who are you to doubt them ??

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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

I cannot comment on this situation but must say in defence of French vets we have always received excellent service and the bill has been reasonable, even accomodating on occassion.

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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I have two close friends who are vets in England. they say they are advised by their governing body to give a full list of all treatments  available to an animal ,if not they could be a cused of negligence .It is up to the owner to decide whether they want to go ahead with the treatment or not .My vets in France also advise me of the cost if it is not for routine treatment .

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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

If you feel the vet may not have enough experience with small animals (classed as exotic) the asked to be referred to a specialist centre. Our vet owned up to not being experienced enough and referred us to a referral centre in Auray. A long way to go but well worth it. Maybe there are other referral only centres nearer to you.

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Posted by David Paterson - 3 years ago

Agree with Bretonne. I tried complaining about French vets several years ago (Pets Passport) but despite chapter and verse evidence to the contrary, the official Association of French Vets could not find any evidence of malpractice. I pursued the matter with DEFRA and the European Commission and got precisely nowhere. Sorry to be negative, but feel you can do no better than do as Bretonne suggests.

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Posted by bretonne - 3 years ago

It is best that you or your daughter talk to the vets directly and ask them to explain their actions.

Here is the process for making a complaint ....