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Warning Adders at Callac Lake

Posted by No longer Online - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Adders are generally the only poisonous snake found this far north and can be encountered anywhere including gardens, woodlands, etc.  Seek out full info on Google if you regularly walk in or near long grass or rough overgrown areas.  Usually adders will depart if the hear you coming and try to avoid contact.  If you catch them by surprise or corner them they will react in a painful way.

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Posted by Mark&Kath - 4 years ago

Mark was bitten by an adder whilst clearing up leafy debris in the garden last week.  He didn't see it until it reared up and sunk it's teeth into his arm.  He was OK just a swollen arm and felt a bit sick.  It's that time when they're out and about, looking for places to have their young.   So keep your dogs away from piles of sticks and garden debris and be cautious when gardening, no short sleaves, although since the weathers' turned, that's not likely.