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Warning to cat owners 22

Posted by Live&Love - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by oakley-419073 - 2 years ago

If only people would neuter their cats!!!  Letting them breed at will because the owners are too tight to spend the money on having them neutered.    All those poor kittens and cats that end up being destroyed.  Shouldn't happen.

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Posted by staffordian - 3 years ago

They did it in our commune about three years ago.We kept ours in for a week as we were warned in the Oust France.Its when they get a lot of feral cats around.

I would hope they would check for microchips,which our two have.

Being a pair of wusses they prefer the fire in this weather.I feel for the poor things roaming lose,it is very upsetting to see them.