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Congrats to Chris Froome

Posted by piechipsandpeas - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by brimlad - 4 years ago

the french are annoyed that team sky (from britain) has now won the tour three times in four years resulting in loads of accusations..


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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

Not just the French media ! I was absolutly disgusted at the way some French "fans" treated Froome.

Spiting on him throwing urin in his face etc. Booing him as he rode past. I am afraid these moorons did more damage to the "sport" than Armstrong in my mind.


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Posted by glamourpuss85 - 4 years ago

Given that Froome was born to at least one British parent (and the other having British parents herself), the fact he was born in Kenya is hardly an issue. My children were born in France to British parents and are certainly not French. 

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 4 years ago

piechipsandpeas, see facebook. The Angel of cycling Chris Froome has be overwhelmed with our praises. What a guy. What a team. What follows The Tour de France? 

We were honoured to see him cycle in Brittany. Sky team, great bunch of guys. Broken hearted by the abuse Chris endured. To see the films, insulting gestures; spitting. Words fail us. 

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Posted by Ozzy Mandias - 4 years ago

Born in Kenya of an English father and a mother whose parents were/are British. I think that qualifies! The sprinter you're casting around for is Mark Cavendish who is a Manxman. The trouble here is that the French media have been allowed to get away with unfounded allegations. I don't know if he's clean or not but it shouldn't be a case of 'throw enough mud and some of it is bound to stick'. The fact is that nobody French was even near him in the GC. the main contenders were Quintana, a Colombian who also showed remarkable prowess at unlikely times, Nibali, whose previous years exploits were not without question, Valverde who is Spanish? and Contador, already sanctioned for drug use. Perhaps they should be looking more closely at the performance of Thibaut Pinot who looked mediocre and petulant in the early stages but absolutely stormed the last day in the mountains for a team that hasn't won anything in a donkey's age! Oh no, he's French of course. I'm not anti-French, I love my adopted country and its people but the media have gone over the top and it does none of them any credit.

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Posted by NimrodCain - 4 years ago

".....some the French media, making allegations without offering one shred of evidence"

this was the evidence they referred to http://www.lequipe.fr/Cyclisme-sur-route/Actualites/Sky-publie-des-donnees-de-froome/575800 click on the video

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 4 years ago

Didn't Wiggins win it? I can't remember all this fuss about him and the other guy, who's very good at sprinting (can't remember his name) seems to be held in high esteem. The previous poster listed several things but doesn't this indicate that unfortunately cheating is discussed more than cycling. I'm not having a go at Froome, just saying why I don't think everyone is raving about it...cycling seems to be flawed in a lot of peoples eyes. I do think the fact that Froome is Kenyan, rather than British, also has a little to do with it. Obama could probably compete for Britain...

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Posted by davel-383163 - 4 years ago

Pam & Andrew, very well put and I agree and yes I hope he's clean as I hope Mo Farrah is clean, a guy now tarnished by association.

I read an article recently about the infamous 1988 Seoul oylmpic 100 metres final, where Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold for drug taking and the last statement of the article read "out of the 8 finalists, 7 were definately on drugs and the 1 not on drugs was not the person making the biggest song and dance about Johnson prior to the banning, a certain Carl Lewis", but only 1 was caught.


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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

The French are totally fed up that they cannot win. The few protesters with atrocious behaviour cannot take away from his victory-2nd time! If the press suspect something, they'll have to get the proof-hot air otherwise.

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Posted by d.browning - 4 years ago

trouble is that if sanctions were taken against the television reporters there would have been no commentary; fact that jalabert has already been caught with traces of EPO,and then it was "conveniently" forgotten plus vasseur has very strong suspicions over him and his old team only prove that the french press are hypocrites in extremis.neither should have been let anywhere near the tour. i'd be interested to see pinot and bardets times for the last week of the tour in comparison to the top boys, i suspect they might even be better, and thats after they both complained of being ill/injured in the pyrenees !
i also suspect what sticks in the craw is that froome is "britanique", if he'd been german, spanish no worries but english, no way josé .

PS he was born a bit further north than south africa, kenya !