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My condolences to the english rugby team

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Hi ho! - 3 years ago

Ok Jamie...nice grass field for you and Bonso to park in if u wish..plenty of fire wood...and well don`t wanna spoil you but could be a couple amps of 220v!

Stay happy



Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

make that late november !!!!!!!!!

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Hi Mel,just to prove that I am not being un-fairplay,I shall treet you both to a drink in the ty bar when I am back in camors,probably late september for a belated 3eme temp.


Jamie xx


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Posted by Hi ho! - 3 years ago

Oh Jamie...just rub our noses in it!

What a delight for you...

When u back up here?

Mel and Sam...



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Posted by D&I-399749 - 3 years ago

I agree England were outclassed, and so am selling my shirt.. no not really. But as the World Cup is in England, how come Wales play in Cardiff? Or is Cardiff in England?


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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

Wales deserved their win against England. A courageous fight back. England were dominant for the first 60 mins,but then Wales showed real spirit. I don't understand why with such an important position as no10 you would play Ford for all the warm up games where he played well and then switch to Farrel for the two most important games in Lancaster's reign. If  Farrel was the right man to face Wales and Aus then he should have been playing during the warm up. The number of changes at 9,10,11,12 and 13 is laughable. How can you compete at this level with such inconsistency. England were dominant in the scrum against Wales but the Aussies destroyed the English pack. I think Wales will have problems against the s hemisphere clubs but good luck to them. It is a farce that teams like Fiji and England are not in the last 16 due to seeding decisions. We want to see the best 16 teams in the knockout stages. 

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

My personal thoughts are that both the welsh and australia coaches played to englands weakness. Wales had sam warburton on at 7 and realy took control of the game when tipuric who is another of the great 7's came on. The two together made a great impact. Australia had hooper and pocock playing alongside each other who are also two great sevens.

England have not got a world class flanker and robshaw who no doubt has his own qualities,is not one of the greats in that position compared to the other four.

So whereas wales brought the two together to gain control,the aussies started with the two and had control for most of the game.

I believe that this is englands biggest weakness,and they need someone like stephan armitage to help match up in this area.

England showed lots of quality in most other area's.

The overall standard of play has been very good this tournament and there have been no three figure walkovers like in previous worldcups so the standard of the tournament has definately gone up a gear or two,and long may it continue.

come on wales-cymru am byth

Jamie xx


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Posted by lakeman-415065 - 3 years ago

England v Wales, either team could have won but against Australia, England were simply outclassed.

And I am an Englsnd supporter!!

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

I received a private mail this afternoon asking me to stop gloating and rubbing it in !!

If my message comes across in such a way then I appologise for my not getting the genuine point across. I was in nantes in 2007 to see fiji knock wales out of the group stages and was quite shocked and upset about it and based on this experience I feel that I understand how gutting it can be when you are caught up in the passion of a worldcup and have your pleasure and expectations cut short.

And to all you non sports fans,yeah I know,its only a game ;-)

No offence to uruguay,but I hope england can at least save a bit of face and go out with a hundred pointer to show that they are still hugely capable of great rugby. would like to wales do the same against australia !!!!!!!!

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 3 years ago

Hi Jamie...I'm a sports fan and enjoy watching a good game of rugby, I don't really care who is playing...may the best team, on the day, win. The gulf between North and South hemisphere does appear to be back but hopefully France can do something exciting, once they get warmed up. I think the current injuries might scupper any hopes for Wales but their win over England was impressive. Out of the minor teams I think Japan and Argentina have surpassed themselves and hopefully can get more competition in the future to up their game, it's taken a while but Italy did really well against Ireland yesterday so playing at the top level regularly obviously helps them to progress...and brings in more money. On your previous point...I think all sport goes downhill when there's a lot of money involved...it seems France are up and down mainly due to the players loyalty to their clubs rather than country. Football has certainly gone this way which has resulted in mediocrity across the game, in my opinion...it's rare to see a good match nowadays...