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Rugby world cup-your thoughts please

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Gleaner - 3 years ago

Something is leading me to think, that the recent Rugby world cup tournament held in England and Wales, might be the last of the big sporting tournaments / spectacles, we'll see for quite some time. What with the current IAAF and FIFA scandals erupting. Sport is becoming less and less of an interest for me as a result of all that is going on. Infact, the recent Rugby World Cup whilst great, did give me pause for concern with that officiating error between Scotland and Australia.

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Just to go back to the question "  what do we have to do to perform at  S H levels? "

I would say that having the world cup after the six nations instead of the four nations may be advantageous !!

I honestly think that wales put both the boks and wallabies through their paces and would of walked over argentina. If we were not plaqued with injuries I would honestly have expected us to win those matches. We are as good as three of the big S H teams :-) and watch out blacks for 1953 will soon be for us just a number that adds up to 18 !!!!!

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Posted by CybiDev - 3 years ago

I am bemused by the fact that you bothered to reply to this at all if you are not interested in Rugby ????

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Posted by CybiDev - 3 years ago

Shwmae friend. Yes - I'm a Welsh Rugby fan too - the Red Dragon flies proudly here on St. Davids Day.  I thought the Rugby was much better but I think the Southern Hemisphere teams have the edge on us Northern Hemisphere teams because of the way they play. They also play all through the year and one of the team coaches said in an interview that perhaps by the time the next World Cup Tournament comes around we could and should be better prepared to play a different type of game. One other thing there was commentators comments about the inconsistent refer decision making which I also agreed with. However, thoroughly enjoyed it all and applaud all the teams. 

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Posted by CybiDev - 3 years ago

I am bemused by the fact that you bothered to reply to this at all if you are not interested in Rugby ????

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

I must agree that sonny bill williams giving his winners medal to the 14 year old fan in the audience is something that realy touched me. What a great story for that kid to tell friends and family for the rest of his life. Superb.

I also think that it was MAJORITIVELY very well officiated.

The respect for the officials which has been mentioned too,is also very impressive and I hope very much for you footy fans that one day fifa make the refs that bit sticter and bring in the authority to help clean up your sport.

I am also looking forward to febuary for the six nations.

Oval love and light to all

Jamie xx

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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

Great tournament and some fantastic rugby and a real joy to watch. I watched every game and as an England fan was disappointed, but that is sport and the best team won. As for the home nations England were mediochre, Ireland were worse, Wales gave some very gritty and plucky performances(how much does Alun Wyn-Jones get paid for those SSE adverts?) Scotland played out of their skins and looked good' . I thought Argentina played really well too with some exciting rugby and it is a shame they weren't allowed into the 6 nations. As for France I used to enjoy watching France and their open passing rugby, but now they are dull. Robshaw may not be a Richie Maccaw but who else do England have who is better? Agree England let down by some bad decision making on and off the field. But none of the 6 nations are close to S hemisphere standards and rememeber  England are the only N. Hemisphere team to have won the cup.What do we have to do to compete at the same level?

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

Jamie I think the stats speak for themselves. So many records broken by the players and the stadiums.  I think the England and the organisers done an absolutely flawless job of the organisation and planning.

So many memorable moments and for me was the one when les noirs congratulated the wallabies on the final try! This showed the incredible sportsmanship that exists in rugby after all the fisty cuffs and agro the tension caused - they still respected the other side fighting until the end!

Hey and the classic at the end of the final – the kid has now got more RWC final medals than England Wales or Scotland lol.

The 89,019 fans who watched the New Zealand-Argentina clash beat the mark set at the RWC 2003 final in Sydney.

An estimated 460,000 fans travelling from overseas

The final was enjoyed by an estimated audience of 120 million.

Above all of this was the atmosphere at all of the stadiums which had an effect o creeping out of your television and it to your living room. (or camper)


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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

Where was Will Carling?!! I used to have a big crush on him so rugby has never been the same since he no longer plays! I am a middle-aged female (thought I ought to add that!).

Hubby and I watched a couple of England games but have to be honest and say we lost interest after they were knocked out. For me both games were quite dull, it all felt a lacklustre if I'm honest. We just didn't have those 'sitting on edge of settee' moments at all.

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Posted by jaykay-10041854 - 3 years ago

Loved the whole thing - cant wait for the 6 nations - the respect the players have for the referee never ceases to amaze me - best sport ever