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Take away negativity, what really makes you happy?

Posted by Busterboy-951859 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Gleaner - 3 years ago

I was a feckless student once........and wasn't impressed! But have found a life here which constantly amazes me, frustrates me and invigorates me. As regards what makes me happy????? Living without chasing my tail. Having time to indulge in the appreciation of everything which I wasn't even interested in until until I came here all those years ago.....like being alerted my my OH to the existence, just this minute, of a new and occupied nest up under the eaves of our place.

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Posted by Clementine-626359 - 3 years ago

We're early retired. 
We live like a pair of feckless students again, but this time we eat healthily and we don't have zits.


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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

At the moment a few weeks of DRY weather would make me happy .

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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

At the moment a few weeks of DRY weather would make me happy .

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Posted by brodeuse - 3 years ago

What makes me happy here – big question! The space, fresh air and quiet life. I love opening the window in the morning to listen to the waves and smell the sea. Walking along a beautiful, empty beach on a sunny winters day. I enjoy all the art and craft exhibitions which pop up regularly in every small commune and spending time with my 'adopted' French mum who befriended me when we arrived and has become an important part of my life.

We live on the north coast near Roscoff, not an area with many ex pats, although I have one friend who is half English and half French. We converse in English when we are alone and French when we are with other friends. This has been a very good thing for my French as all the groups I belong to are all French so I have had to get on with the language. I now love to speak French, it was challenging at first but the effort was certainly worth it! To anyone struggling I would recommend getting a good grip of the grammar rules first because without it conversation is very difficult.

We have a much better social life here than we had in UK, most of our friends are French the others are German!

In short, I live with a great husband, in a lovely house in a beautiful part of the world – what more could I ask for!!!

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Posted by Busterboy-951859 - 3 years ago

Thank you for all  replies, it is good to see that there are so many people here enjoying this great country. Like many of you I am desperately trying to improve my french, much to the amusement of my French friends (especially when many words in English have a different meaning in French) so I will not be adding preservatives  to my jam!!

Family is important and we regularly keep in touch, but I find I spend more quality time with them when they spend a week at my home as there are no interruptions. The dream is what you make it and my problems today are putting up the fence that's blown down, chasing geese around the garden and laughing at my husband when he takes the pig for a walk followed by three newfoundlands, two st Bernard's and two cats......Would I change it? Not for the world X

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

We moved to France back in 1983 to make use  of husbands degree in languages and French being one of them. Plus we didn't like living near London though loved the house we had bought.

We loved every minute of it even though my husband came here to work. Life did seem better and I soon picked up French not living in an expat community ( it didn't really exist then). Our daughter was born and educated here.

However things changed when the company my husband works for decided to go interest only on wage rises or you could stay on a fixed wage but didn't get the yearly pay rises so for over 15 years he was stuck on a lower wage as we couldn't take the chance of interest only due to our daughter being at school. We couldn't move as she was in college and those years plus lycée are very important years. Now he is too old to move jobs.

I became disallussioned with France quite a few years ago - done that got the t-shirt kind of thing and now want to go back home tobe  near our daughter and eventually grand children.

We are going back home in 4 years time - have to pay off the house first - and we know where we want to live.

I think family is far more important than where you live and the dream has now gone for me - if it was ever there in the first place.

Yes I have quite a few friends as I compete in sheepdog trials with my collies and we all meet up for a catch up and a convivial lunch or dinner if it a 2 day trial.

My sheep and dogs keep me going and I can honestly say I can never get bored as on top of sheep and dogs do all the gardenong plus veg garden and all the decorating - yes can use a hammer drill etc. My husband works long hours so if there are big jobs to do we only have the weekends and sometimes we are both fed up of the grind so go along the coast with a couple of my dogs for a walk and a picnic - went back in November as the weather was really warm!!

We also have a mixed bunch of friends where we live and I speak French with no problems. It will stay with me forever.

But I still will be going home to walk once more in the Dales, walk in Wales and along the north coast and have a quiet pint in a country pub !!!

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Posted by Yellowperill - 3 years ago

This has to be the best and most posetive thread I have read on here for a very long time keep it up everyone, no doom and gloom mongers please

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Posted by smudge1949 - 3 years ago

so good to hear all these positve thoughts and reply's its good to hear there are at least some HAPPY CAMPERS  here i Brittany, it is a lovely place to live and relaxing.

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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

I love it have always loved it and since buying my first house in Normandy in 1990 I have always tried to make the most of it. Since then we have lived in the south and now we are in Brittany.

I have always appreciated the space, the lack of pressure generally, the cordiality, the mutual respect and the better weather. Brittany is 'big sky' country which makes me feel an individual. Here I do not have to conform to norms or be a slave to modes.

My life here is what I make it.