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Dangerous Dogs: Owning Attack and Guard Dogs

Owners of category 1 and category 2 dogs (dogs classed as dangerous) have certain obligations to fulfill: the dog must be registered with the town hall and the owner must carry a licence for the dog issued by the town hall. This licence is the Permis de détention d'un chien de 1er ou 2ème categorie.

Note: Any person selling or giving away a dog must provide a certificate issued by a vet, indicating the category to which the dog belongs. Note that category 1 dogs may not be sold or given away.

Dogs classed as dangerous

  • Category 1: Attack dogs (chiens d'attaque):Staffordshire terrier and American Staffordshire terrier (Pitbull terriers) without pedigree registration, Mastiff (Boerbull) without pedigree registration, Tosa without pedigree papers
  • Category 2: Guard dogs (chiens de guarde et défense): Rottweiler (pedigreed), Staffordshire terrier and American Staffordshire terrier (pedigreed), Tosa Inu (pedigree). These dogs must be registered with a pedigree which is recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Also included, unpedigree and cross breeds dogs with "the appearance of a Rottweiller".

Note: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a smaller breed than other Staffordshire breeds, with no proven dangerous tendencies. It is not classified as a dangerous dog.

Owning a dangerous dog

A person may only own a dog on the list of "dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs" (chien susceptible d'être dangereux) if they:

  • are aged 18 or older and if over 18 must not be under supervision
  • have not have been convicted of a crime or imprisoned
  • have not previously had the right to own a dangerous dog withdrawn

Getting a permit/licence

It is obligatory to register the dog at the Town Hall (Mairie) and receive a licence (Permis de détention). Any dangerous dog owner without a permit may be fined and imprisoned. A form must be completed and submitted to the town hall along with the following documents:

  • A behavioral assessment of the dog, performed by a veterinarian
  • A certificate of competency of the owner, issued by a certified trainer following a training course (the mairie can provide the contact details of certified dog trainers in a region)
  • Proof of identification of the dog,
  • Proof of valid anti-rabies inoculation
  • Proof of third party public liability insurance for the owner or handler of the dog
  • Proof of sterilisation (in the case of a category 1 dog)

If the dog is not yet eight months old, a provisional permit is issued and the dog must undergo a full behavioral evaluation at one year of age before the full licence can be drawn up.

The registration forms can be downloaded online.

Dog owners' responsibilities

Any dog, regardless of its category, which bites or injures a person must be reported to the town hall by the owner. The dog then undergoes a behavioural evaluation by a vet who will advise what the next steps will be.

Category 1 dog:

  • Acquisition, sale, purchase and importing these dogs is banned
  • Sterilisation of male and female dogs is compulsory (must have a veterinary certificate to prove this)
  • Access to public transport, public places and common areas in apartment buildings is prohibited
  • The dog may be taken to wide open places but must be kept on a lead and muzzled

Category 2 dog:

  • It must be leashed and muzzled in public places and on public transport

Official information and forms

Much information is available from the French government: