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The region of Normandy is already a well-established hotspot for English speakers, with its famous coastline drawing in around 1 million Brits and Americans each year. The golden age of the region was undoubtedly the Middle Ages when Normandy was a formidable power that resisted French and English rule. History lovers can trace the footsteps of the early Normans at Bayeux and Mont-Saint-Michel.

To the East is the region’s capital, Rouen. This lively metropole, packed with medieval and modern art and culture, hosts the region’s university and is about an hour and a quarter’s train ride from Paris. The beaches and ports of Normandy, which were France’s battlegrounds from the Middle Ages to WWII, now welcome freight and passenger ferries and make a signification contribution to the economy.

Did you know


Rouen - home of the Lion King. Althought most of his body found itself to other parts of France, the heart of Richard I, known as the Lionheart, was embalmed in Normandy's capital. It was exhumed in 2013 so scientists could study the cause of his death.