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English Radio

Posted by timide - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by mjmpropman-783619 - 13 years ago


That's cheating Chris  listening through the satellite,  besides you can only listen to those preselected stations they have, its more fun switching on the  old amp & pioneer tuner made back in the late seventies (still works) tuning in  fiddling with the knobs  and aerial direction to find your own choice.

I agree get the biggest aerial you can  have, after  all it no point in trying to listen if you don't have a first class external aerial.  good luck anyway .



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Posted by Chris Wigzell-781306 - 13 years ago

Digital radio is even shorter range than FM, I am told, and I would be delighted to hear if anyone in France can get UK Digital radio. Myself near Coutances cannot get FM, (and no mobile phone signal!) and am intending to get a v big aerial.
Best sources for digiboxes is secondhand in the UK, local papers or particularly boot fairs. Prices from GBP5 to 15.


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Posted by mjmpropman-783619 - 13 years ago

Hi don't know if this will be of any help some y rs ago i use to listen most evening to many different station all over England,  the scilly isle,  whales Scotland, and many others  including areas in the Mediterranean.

I received very good  stereo reception I used an eight element direction aerial which had in doors a directional tuning knob when turned the aerial revolved round on the roof  to the direct  where the  signal was coming from so it picked up the strongest possible signal  adjusting  left to right giving the best possible  reception.   my point being if i could receive Mediterranean stations  don't see why you cant pick up  station here in England  with good reception .

One small point the later in the evening the better the reception. Hope  this may be of help to you. 

should even better with digital signals i think.martin

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Posted by mike-780836 - 13 years ago

quote:A sky digibox such as...

Any digital satellite receiver from (say) Mr Bricolage will also deliver BBC channels, radio etc. and will be substantially cheaper than GBP 130.


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Posted by chrisW-782156 - 13 years ago

A sky digibox such as the pace DS430n for about £130 and a cheap dish & LNB will give you most UK radio stations- even some local ones, free forever, without subscription, as well as BBC TV channels plus some other free-to-air stations.


Chris Watts
50450 Montaigu-les-Bois

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Posted by mcburnia-783428 - 13 years ago

anyone with Broadband/adsl can get UK radio stations over the internet using any of the following links:







Andi (50150, Sourdeval)
[Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?]

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Posted by Kevin Raymond - 13 years ago

Near Coutances (50) we get Radio 4 on 198 Long Wave or 94.8 FM no problem at home (although in the car it starts to fade out the further inland we go). Other BBC channels also no problem.Kevin (Coutances 50)

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Posted by lorraine mckie - 13 years ago

At the moment I can get Capital Gold Sussex fairly clearly on my old wind-up radio.  As it fades in the evening I was wondering if I bought a digital radio would I be able to keep the signal. 



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Posted by mike-780836 - 15 years ago

To answer the unanswered part of the initial question: there are no English language radio stations in Normandy as French broadcasting regulations don't allow for such things. The only places where you get English-language radio stations explicitly targetting a France-based market are right by national borders (e.g. on the French Riviera, where stations broadcast from Monaco and Italy, and near Geneva, where a station broadcasts from Switzerland), where the actual location of the station in another country allows it to bypass French regulations.**************

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Posted by Causette-780879 - 15 years ago

Here in Calvados (near Honfleur and near Lisieux) we can get R4 on LW, so I still get my Archers fix...  But oh! how I hate it when it's time for Test Match Special....  those commentary men can waffle on and on about nothing!  (We can also get Radio 5)



JudyM (14)