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Going crazy

Posted by Perdu-781567 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Tony B-782417 - 14 years ago

Hi just moved to France myself,so I,ve also left my clubbing mates behind.Breton dancing to Sasha is the nearest I get! Speaking of which I,ve heard He,s on in Toulouse on 14thmai at the INOX festival, now that would be fun as I,m a bit of a fan.Going to the Bomb in Nottingham in march so I,ll let you know if it,s as good as it was



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Posted by Marcel-781135 - 14 years ago


Hamaca bar...... if you take the road that goes alongside the Bar Central, (right in the middle of Domfront) direction Flers, under the bridge and it`s right in front of you before you go down the hill.

This saturday at 21,00 ..... Hp `n` Co.... irish folk rock


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Posted by Perdu-781567 - 14 years ago

Hi all

Sorry not been in touch but been to UK and my laptop was in repair. Yes did go to Echo Du Lac last minute one Friday in Jan and it was kinda fun. If I went again I would go in the warmer weather coz it was freezing so I kept my coat on all night and didn't get to show off me new top like!

Easy enough to find. We got there at 11 but had to wait as didn't open till 11.30! When we got in it was quiet but there were different rooms - one included karaoke. The pool and burger area looked cheesy but fun and I don't know if I'd go in the pool as it was so strong in chlorine - no one went in that evening.

We drank some drinks, chatted, complained about the cold, never warmed up enough to feel confident enough to enjoy a boogie but had fun anyway. We did however decide to leave at 2.30 and at that stage there was a huge and I mean huge queue, mainly men waiting to come in....I did tell them not to bother as I was going now!! (joke)

Like I said would go again in the warmer weather. Fridays I think are best so shall we all put our vote in to which month and date we would like to go?


Perdu (female)

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Posted by Angela Burley - 14 years ago

Marcel, Love to know where the Hamaca bar is as me and my hubby love live musicA. Burly

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Posted by irel-780873 - 14 years ago

Please help, where is this place exactly ,area etc, Im spending 1 month in normandy in june and Ill need somewhere lively or i,ll crack up, Im in Manche

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Posted by aldon - 14 years ago

hi jeni..if u plan a get together,count us in.we have been here 3 years,and the nite life drives me crazy,as i am not ready to hang up my dancing shoes yet.we end up driving to paris ,Amsterdam ,belgium.just to find some action.we have done 20.000 km in 4 months.just going out.bleedin worth it thou any way we are 10 mins from u ,so if u find some life,let us now....alan and donna.the under 40;s

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Posted by Jeni.-781683 - 14 years ago

yes come on guys we never did organise a night out, lets do something before we forget how to!!!!!!!!!Jeni.

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Posted by PeterM-781231 - 14 years ago

Re House music in Normandy - Im due over from london for most of march (last visit lots of cheesey night clubs)  and was wondering how you got on with echo du lac did you manage to arrange transport? is there anything going on in march ?  I will be in brecey area and if you or anyone else wants to get togetehr to arrange a good night out ie transport etc to said club plse get in touch.

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Posted by Chaussettes-781390 - 14 years ago

Whitsun Bank holiday weekend!!ChaussettesManche(50)

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Posted by Chaussettes-781390 - 14 years ago

Can anybody else remember when Papillons concert takes place? June I think, but will post on the forum when it's advertised locally, ok?