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British food shop opens

Posted by Priory-780845 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by parry-782661 - 13 years ago

Hi Lola

Are you the lady that I met in La Forge pub about a month ago and we were talking about bacon and indian spices.

If so Hi.


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Posted by Prestwick - 13 years ago

The English shop in Domfront also sell excellent sausages

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Posted by Victor-783589 - 13 years ago

English shop in Domfront 'Les Favourites' sells a wide range of English goodies, and will obtain for you your favorites. We get our cheddar cheese from them, plus Eccles cakes etc..Since they opened Champion and Internarche in Domfront now have a special English Selection. The shop is open Thursday and Friday afternoons 14.30 to 17.00. As for the French equivalent I use Cantel. Incidentally there is a creamery in Fougiers who makes Cheddar cheese, don't know where but a friend purchased a huge block and shared it with us. Also very nice home cured English style bacon now being sold at Gorron Super U and at some Intermarche stores, processed here in our village, and very tasty it is too, understand the French are buying it after tasting an English Bacon Buttie. Vic

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Posted by ttubhead-782889 - 14 years ago

When I was at school I saw a video about cells, they showed an onion being cut and you could see the little cells wriggling around slower and slower until they wriggled no more, it was very sad for the 11-year old that I was. That's why I've never bothered becoming a vegetarian because the end result is the same - whatever you eat, dies.

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Posted by sassy-781097 - 14 years ago

hi stargazer,

interested in the vegetarian eating guidelines and you seem fairly up on them, but i have issues i don't understand about them, and would be grateful if you could enlighten us.

1. you state that food cannot be consumed that has been killed or harmed, so milk is ok. yet to get the milk a calf has to be produced that is to be killed...one is reminded of this as you hear the neighbours cows lowing for their lost calves.

2. if killing the animal is abhorant, why can you purchase meat flavoured vegetarian food....is this the same as nicotine replacements to ex smokers?

if one needs to be guilt free then isn't vegan the route...regards

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Posted by Lola-782789 - 14 years ago

You can get indian & chinese bits online at www.les-epices.com  I think it's a shop in Brittany but I've had things sent by post.



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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

As above, now closed!Dept. 53

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Posted by leisa-782104 - 14 years ago

Yes, you can find a fairly good selection of both (even poppadums!) in a small vietnamese shop next to the FNAC in Caen. But beware, since they also run a restaurant it is closed every day between 12 and 3pm.leisa

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Posted by lisatren-782859 - 14 years ago

Hi, where abouts in Pays de Loire is Craon? I'm moving to Gorron in a few weeks and would be interested in this shop if it isn't too far. I don't want to be without cheddar!thanksLisalisa

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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

They did - they have just closed down due to adverse trading conditions here.Dept. 53