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Above Ground pools

Posted by Brian nr Vimoutiers 61-781255 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by ursie-781911 - 13 years ago


We used a small above ground pool for the first time last year, one of the quick up pools with an inflatable ring.  It was quite a large/small one at nearly 4m across and about 1m deep - a cheap and brilliant alternative to something more expensive.  (It cost about £100 with filter and steps.)  It was set up on a sand base in our field.  We just pumped it out down the field,  to empty it and I was hoping the chlorinated water would kill off thistles and other hardy weeds.  But, not a bit of it they are all thriving, didn't kill anything.

At the time of use, I just bought a tub of combined anti-chlore/anti algue tablets which kept it clean while we were out there during the five weeks of the summer holiday.  I did a rough calculation based on the amount of water in the pool and used about half a tablet a week.

The whole thing was  scientifically very imprecise in our case because, at the start, the only water testing kit I could find was for fish tanks!  However I relied upon it to verify the purity of the water and it did - as confirmed when I eventually found a proper kit.

I expect some readers will be horrified at this approach, but it is the one I shall be using again this year

Have fun!


Ursie 61


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Posted by David 56-782142 - 13 years ago

Have e.mailed you directly.David

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Posted by CatWoman-781387 - 13 years ago

Almost a year old posting but I have just found it and would also be interested in any advice from you all out there. 

Also, advice wanted from people who use the Swim Clean products ie. Chlore Pastilles, Multifonction 200, Anti-Algues etc.  What products do you use when.  I have put the required Chlore Pastilles into the pool but when do I use the Multifonction which I assume has chlorine in it also and would it possibly take the chlorine level too high ?????   HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks.