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Any Ex-pats in Tessy sur Vire Area

Posted by Denise-780974 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by TonyB-781161 - 14 years ago

Hi Richard. My family own a house (for 12 months now) on the outskirts of Guilberville. We have 2 daughters age 6 and 12 and have spent several holidays at the house. We have started building up relationships with our 'farmer' neighbours (aperetifs every night !) and have become quite close to one family of a similar age to us who work in Caen but own a house near ours where they spend most weekends and all their holidays.

My wife and I are seriously thinking of moving to France, all the usual reasons that you hear and read, but we also have the usual concerns. The children integrating at school is a big concern, particularly my eldest who can be quite shy at times. But my main concern is employment for myself. I was planning to do the same as yourself i.e. move over and have a few months off work getting the house sorted and then finding employment, but as I work in the IT industry (computer operations) and I realise that Normandy is no Silicone Valley (thank goodness) I think it would be preferable if I could get some sort of employment prior to moving.

I don't particularly want to stay in the world of computers but any other 'skills' I may possess will be the the same as or lesser than every other male in the area so initially I think my working like will have to remain similar to what it is now.

I know this is very forward but I wondered if you may know of anywhere that may have an opening for someone like myself, bearing in mind I do speak the language a little (thanks to the superb Michel Thomas and my integration with our neighbours) although understanding their replies is somewhat daunting !  I was thinking that the Vire area may be the most likely but hunting on websites has proved fruitless so far.

I'd appreciate any help or pointers you could give me and thanks for taking the time to read this email.


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Posted by Mike T-781056 - 15 years ago

I think your question should have been, "do any French live near Tessy". You'll find a very large British population around Tessy, all very helpful (as are the French). If you need any specific help or advice just email.

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Posted by david-780977 - 15 years ago

We also moved close to Pont Farcy 18 months ago, let us know if there are an things you would like help with and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Good luck in your new home.


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Posted by Richard.Creighton - 15 years ago

We live close to pont farcy and have been here for 18 months, there is a very large english community in the area, although not immidiately apparent, we have 3 children Kelly 12, Harry 8, and Jack 6. If you would like any help or information please do not hesitate to ask.