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Anyone live near Deauville?

Posted by sheila-781354 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by sheila-781354 - 12 years ago

I am living in St Pierre de Cormeilles now where they only do randonees in summer so would be very interested in going on your walks.  Could you e-mail me your programme.  Thanks  and thank you very much for replying

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Posted by sheila-781354 - 12 years ago

I can't believe it.  I posted this ad about 18 months ago with no response and then I get 3 replies in one day!  I no longer live in Deauville.  I have bought a house in St Pierre de Cormeilles which is really not all that far away. I would love to meet you but can I contact you again in 2 weeks as after 2 years of searching I have finally found a job and will be doing handovers for the next week or so.  Lovely to hear from you.

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Posted by english-784300 - 12 years ago





Responsable : BOUIX FREDERIC

Tel : 0231631940

Fax : 0231631940

Web : pas de site


here is a ramblers group for you.

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Posted by pinkstring-783884 - 12 years ago

Hello Sheila

I live in Lisieux, have been here since mid-June (I'm 56 - but don't let that put you off!).  My French is very basic although there is a group run by the Alliance Anglo-Normande for lessons.  I'm involved with a book club in Lisieux (English) and we meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  I'm still trying to find a ramblers club.  I have found an art class just outside Trouville (Hennequeville) which begins at the end of September. 

I like the cinema - and have been to the Majestic here in Lisieux for the occasional English language film - although I would be happy to see French language ones depending on what they are.  They seem to be mostly dubbed American ones!  I've also been to the free evening concerts that are held in the summer in the Place Mitterand in Lisieux after the Wednesday market. 

I'd really like to visit the many chateaux, historic buildings and gardens that abound in this area.

If you're interested do get in touch. 




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Posted by Lyn A - 12 years ago


Are you still there and are you still looking to meet people?  Having just moved to Deauville I'm trying to find two social lives - one for me going out in the evenings, and another with families to socialise with the kids. If you're still around please let me know