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ASDL broadband?

Posted by Monika-781312 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Chaussettes-781390 - 14 years ago

Rural Manche is covered by a WiFi network. Just had ours installed. try www.nomotech.com

contact Satellec (the Avranches company that does the installation) on:02 33 48 61 39 and ask for Fabio (he did our installation and was very good speaks a little english too!)Regarding cost - you pay €100 deposit for the use of the equipment (dish, cable and router) and an installation charge (ours is €152.10 plus TVA at 5.5% if you have had your house for 2 years or 19.60% if less than 2 years) the installation charge varies slightly depending on how easy it is to fit (we were quoted between €170 and €230) My son will be doing the installation of the cable runs and sockets inside the barn so our bill from Satellec doen't include that of course. We want about 4 sockets and he can do it considerably cheaper (I'm sure he'd give you a quote if you were interested - he has a business here installing satellite TV and PC's!!) In addition to those charges there is a set up fee of €45 euros for the account and a monthly subscription of €15 (for 128kbps) €27 (512kbps) or €45 (1024kbps). You can choose an initial email account and then subsequently set up unlimited aliases as you require. The system comes with firewall protection built in, although you still need up to date virus protection on your PC.The first stage is that they send a guy round to test the signal in your area and to give you a quote for the system you need.Hope that helps! 

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Posted by Kennet-781489 - 14 years ago

If you can't get adsl, it might be worth checking out www.hispeedband.com

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Posted by Stargazer-780995 - 14 years ago


Hello Monika,

The above link may be of help to you, although you will need to know the postcode of your area, as you enter the post code, or your telephone number, to find out when ADSL will be available in your commune. I think you can find out postcodes from the phone book on the AI pages.


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Posted by Monika-781312 - 14 years ago

Thanks for quick reply Alan. I don't live in France yet, still trying to work out all the essensials I would need in order to be able to work from France... I guess I can call French Telecom and ask them, but if anyone has a quick answer please let me know. Thanks.

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Posted by allan-781249 - 14 years ago


Go to your telecom agent and ask. They should have the information on the computer. Maybe Bob at AI has the information?