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BCG vaccination for children

Posted by Priory-780845 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

Thanks for all the informed replies - most helpful.

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Posted by Jeni-780887 - 14 years ago

BCG vaccines are given to children at school in England but normally not until they are around 14 or 15. My son had one recently and was absolutely fine :o)

Hope this helps


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Posted by vonny-780909 - 14 years ago

Yes, it is compulsory for any child that goes into 'collectivité' to be vaccinated with the BCG, which means that if you have your child in any form of public crêche he must be vaccinated and if not at pre school, legally at six when he is officially obliged to go to school.  BUT, there are ways and means to avoid the jab, at least for a certain time. The older the child when he has this jab, the less complications there are if there are indeed going to be any, it's rare. The effects, according to homeopaths, are that the immune system is made fragile so that there are more colds, coughs etc. although that is just the basics.  For more information on vaccinations and schooling look here.

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Posted by antheakn-780955 - 14 years ago

We too have been told that this vaccination is compulsory if our children want to attend school in France.  I have just read an article which covers I think almost everything to do with the BCG, please find link below.

If you find any further info out let me know, we are in the same situation.