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Indelicate matter

Posted by froggy-780969 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Steve-781437 - 14 years ago


I followed your link to more discussions about le fosse septique, how I wish I had found this forum / topic 6 months ago. We have just (literally) bought our place in Normandy (Chefresne) and the kitchen extension (2 storey) is built OVER the fosse. Talk about being up a gum tree!!!. I guess its saving up time now.


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Posted by Blue Skies-780861 - 14 years ago

The delights of the fosse......

Eparcyl every week

No bleach

Emptied and flushed out aprox every 2 years

Keep an eye open for a drainage field that has stopped working - you'll see a pond developing - it's only general waste water, but it is smelly 

We were quoted 10,000 euros for a weeks work.

Thanks to an AI posting, 2 chaps dug a very large hole. New pipework laid. Rocks from a local quarry heaped in. A layer of Bidim - fabric stuff to stop soil falling through the spaces in the rocks. Soil on top and grass seed.

3 days later, to the cost of 900 euros the job was done.

3 weeks on and I'm having to cut the new grass

Check out... http://people.howstuffworks.com/sewer2.htm

(sweet) Blue Skies


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Posted by bob-780838 - 14 years ago

Now this one crosses borders!

have a look here for some discussions




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Posted by Garry C-781254 - 14 years ago

We are in an area of three properties (still do not know if all end up in same place) - estate agent gave little detail on the fosse, over three years we have discovered ours (?) is down-wind of us on our vendors land, maintenance is still a mystery and our vendor says 'c'est d'accord' - but as we want to become a gite complex some time I'm also a little worried on the future.

We have been told if we seek creditation in the future (gites de france eg.) we may need to upgrade to get approval.

Don't use bleach (javel) on any account I'm told (to the fosse at anyway) check all cleaning products I've found too - it may be in there!

Sans javel c'est d'accord!! - please check, I've been better safe than sorry for now.

Sorry not much help, but experiance!

Garry Cross

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Posted by vonny-780909 - 14 years ago

I know that bob will be able to enlighten you all more, but because a fosse septique works by bacteria eating the waste, you should absolutely NOT put bleach down the loo or sinks as this will completely go against the whole system. Nothing might be happening at the moment, but in a few months, a year, who knows THAT is when you will have big problems because nothing is disappearing. You may only wipe around surfaces with bleach. I'm a bleach fan and found it very hard when I had a fosse septique I have to say. There are products in all supermarkets that are however able to be used, just check on the bottles before you buy and there are equally lots of products especially FOR. You must put a powdery product down the loo  every few weeks at least to keep the whole system in order.....................over to bob. Bob?!!!

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Posted by cj-780870 - 14 years ago

I discovered only 3 weeks ago (after living here for a year) that we too have a fosse septic.  It turns out they do not have to be emtptied you just have to put that special stuff down the loo.  Although I am a bleach fan and use it daily and it seems to be alright.  I have been told bleach is very bad for it. 


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Posted by froggy-780969 - 14 years ago

Good grief, I didn't even imagine that there is more than one type - I've led a sheltered life ....

I'm writing to the estate agent directly but this will strech my French language abilities



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Posted by emjay-780932 - 14 years ago

Whatever sort you have, just remember, ONLY urine, faeces and toilet paper can go down the loo!


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Posted by Annie-780884 - 14 years ago

This is not going to be a huge amount of help (others will probably be more informative) but ours was called a fosse septic as well & is actually much more of a soakaway, when we asked when it was last emptied it was met with much mirth & the question 'why would you want to do that?' all we (apparently) need to do is to put septifoss (available from your local supermarket) down the toilet once a week.

I would suggest that you swallow your pride & ask the estate agent for clarification as it could be highly dependent on the system you've got - wouldn't you hate to get it wrong!!! :)