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Moving to France

Posted by Martin Meredith - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by buster-784461 - 4 years ago

The question was posted in 2004!!!

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Posted by tinabee - 4 years ago

Are you a British citizen currently living in the IOM or someone from the IOM. As far as I know, the second case may make quite a big difference to the rules which apply, as the IOM is not part of the EU.

The costs of joining the CMU-B are 8% of global income after an allowance of 9601 euros. This is based on your total global income as a household.

If you cannot join the CMU then full comprehensive private health insurance is required.

If your income is from the Isle of Man then you may need to look into whether there is a dual tax treaty with France.

Also, income tax is not the only "tax" charge you may face, depending on the source of your income and healthcare coverage. You may want to research "social charges" which at the moment, for example, are levied on unearned income (e.g. bank savings interest) at 15.5% with no personal or other allowances. Also, if  you are affiliated to CMU you will pay 7.1% social charges on all pension income.

Form E106 was superceded by the "residual" S1 some years ago, and this is no longer issued by the UK. 

Without knowing whether you are an EU citizen or not, it will be very difficult for people to point you in the direction of useful information.

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Posted by AngeGabbie - 4 years ago

Martin, what you need to bear in mind above all that rules and regs are not set in stone, probably more so now than usual in France because of France's economic problems and because of our esteemed President Flamby's habit of dreaming up a new tax every Saturday night (Flamby is a desperate man at the moment); so if your move is 2 years ahead you cannot set your plans in stone at this stage. 

Best advice is to get your head round the situation as it is now, and then keep tabs on whatever new taxes Hollande and his cronies dream up, and the possibliity of the UK exiting the EU, and any other unforseen and unforseeable developments that could turn the whole picture on its head between now and two years hence.

Probably you will find it not too different from IoM but there are no guarantees, so my two penn'oth would be, if you are not prepared to take a hit in the pocket, don't move to France, because unless it has a drastic change of policy France is not about to see much economic recovery any time soon, and will be  the taxpayer that pays because there is no-one else left to bleed. 

PS IoM is a great place to be - why would you want to leave?

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Posted by Gladys-786302 - 4 years ago

Some useful advice, Martin. Stop using your real name on public forums. No-one who has replied so far has given their real name, as far as I can tell. Next thing you will give an address, then a phone number, then the dates you are on holiday. I've seen it all on this forum. Choose a pseudo - a pen name if you like. Give no personal info EVER.

Then treat info on forums as being anything from supposition to hearsay. Some people on this forum take a lot of time to check in advance the accuracy of what they are saying, others don't. So far you appear to have been given credible advice, but that could change.



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Posted by Martin Meredith - 15 years ago

Thank you for the very useful information, Vonny.martin meredith

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Posted by vonny-780909 - 15 years ago


Guidelines only, because every case can differ (and you are also talking about a time in the future and as many people will tell you, French admin changes regularly), 8% of your previous year's income (if over 6,400€) is about what you will pay in CMU contributions. This is if you are not yet retired and receiving a pension. You need to bring the form E106 with you from GB, take it to the local Social Security Office and take it from there.

For this last year's tax, as an example, a couple with no dependent  children are non-imposable (don't pay tax) under 15,000€.  2866€ is what you would pay if your revenue was 40,000€ and 6872€ for 60,000€ income.

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Posted by Martin Meredith - 15 years ago

Good morning Bob,

Thank you for the reply, it was kind of you to take the time.

I had already seen the information on the website re CMU and French income tax and, useful though it is, it does not go far enough for my present purposes.

I guess, re CMU, that I can (must) join the system but if the cost of doing so is prohibitive then there would be no point.  The website does not tell me the sort of figure that I would expect to pay.  Any ideas?

For income tax, I have seen the site, in French, but, at present I do not have good enough French to understand it.

Do you have any rough "ball Park figures" for either income tax or the payments I would have to make into the CMU? (or do you know a simple place to obtain such information?).

Thank you again for your response; it was much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Martin Meredith

martin meredith

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Posted by bob-780838 - 15 years ago


For details on the CMU see the INFOrmation page here, for income tax guides see here, you should also consider talking to an Accountant here as individual circumstances can make a difference.