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Moving to Normandy

Posted by Sue2-780848 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by potty sue - 11 years ago

Hi we travel to Normandy/Mayenne border frequently to our house near Pre -en -Pail and use Speedferries .com very cheap no frills £38-00 if you get adavance ticket. 4 hours from bolougne via aut route a16 and a28s.c.

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Posted by liverpoollass-791313 - 11 years ago

good look in your house hunting,we have lived in france for 18 months and love it. We arrived in france with our eyes wide shut and anybody who tells you its not hard is living in cloud cuckoo land but all the effort is well worth it. We now own a bar and restaurant with a majority french clientel have been completely excepted by our commune and would not give this life up for the world.Only a couple of things we dislike about france is the gossip and backstabbing amongst the english community is fierce and best to stay well out of, also if you need a translator make sure you know exactly how much the fee is going to be,have heard of so many new arrivals being ripped off and think all new arrivals should be very careful.vive le difference

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Posted by kittykins - 11 years ago

Did the original person actually move to France in 2004? I would be interested to hear how he/she is getting on??????????? Is it usual that such old postings are left on this forum?

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Posted by hippie-783416 - 11 years ago

Hi David tell your story you left Cahagnolles [14] at least six months ago ,was your move back to Uk all you expected of it ?

Hope so .Although you lived in the most beatiful place ,albeit remote , we where very impressed by the ruined chateau at the bottom of your garden.Please let us know did you do the right thing ?

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Posted by davidt-782508 - 11 years ago

By people adding to it. DavidCahagnolles (14)

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Posted by letsgo-788650 - 11 years ago

Well spotted Mike.How can a thread stay around for 3 years ?????

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Posted by sampson-791623 - 11 years ago

I am not going to try and read all 7 pages, but are we all still talking to the original Sue2 from 3 1/2 years ago ? She has had time to find a place, move, get fed up and go home again. sam

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Posted by charlie1m-790175 - 11 years ago


I am in Periers near coutance, there seems to be a reasonable size population of English and I think it is a lovely area, Immobilier du Chateau were very helful and have someone who speaks english in most of their offices, I used the office in Carentan. Fo returning to UK i tend to use Caen Portsmouth or Cherbourg to Pool both about 40min drive, however I have used speed ferries Boulonge sur Mere to Dover very cheap with the car, 4 hour drive this side of the channel.

Good luck finding you new home and starting your new life.


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Posted by hinson76-787868 - 11 years ago

We have a house in 76 Haute -Normandie. We are 30 mins away form the ferry port of Dieppe .Ld lines/Transmanche run ferries from Newhaven.and we live near to the seaside /port resort of St Valery en Caux.Rouen is 50 mins away.Most of the Brits seem to reside in and around Dieppe where there is considerable Anglo-French history , but there is a smattering along the coastal towns, Veules de roses.Etretat,Fecamp.We also know the dutch find the area attractive as well.We like the fact we are in a village near the sea but have all amenities close by.The area is characterised by tall limestone [caux]cliffs pebbly beaches and lush green river valleys .Most 'posters' on this forum appear to come from Basse Normandie but I know there are a few from this area also.Prices tend to be slightly more expensive here according to french property magazines.

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Posted by sue smith-782505 - 11 years ago

I'm glad you pointed out the date - what a waste of time -didn't think to look I will in future!sue smith (61 Vieuxpont nr Argentan, and Romsey, Hants)