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Planting based on lunar cycles?

Posted by green fingers-780882 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Gilly-780948 - 13 years ago

Sorry my input is so delayed. I have only just seen your question. You can get a wonderful "Gardening by the Moon 2005" chart from Michael Littlewood. Email address: michael@ecodesign.freeserve.co.ukAnd, yes, it certainly does work. That's what the Farmers' Almanac is all about!Gilly

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Posted by Terry-780926 - 15 years ago

Rudolf Steiner is the man that started all the Biodynamic thinking. If you want more depth on the subject, beyond just when to plant, then look ito his work. They are very strong on the idea in Sweden. There are whole villages there based on his principals, one is called Yarner. I spent a very good day there, best beetroot soup I ever tasted!

I saw a newly published book about growing by the moon in the window of Otakers recently. Didnt recognise the old boy on the front though. You should be able t find the title from amazon.  regards Terry.


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Posted by Sue2-780848 - 15 years ago

It looks like there will be more to this gardening than i thought! a+
Sue x

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Posted by lowenek-780850 - 15 years ago

There is an excellent magazine called Rustica which is published weekly, in French of course, which gives you the days and times for planting vegetables etc.  Basically you plant vegetables which grow upwards when the moon is increasing and root vegetables when it is decreasing. Apparently you do the same if you cut your nails or hair - seems to work too. If the moon can control the tides why not other things.

Good luck with your gardening. 

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Posted by bob-780838 - 15 years ago

Green Fingers,

Depending how good your French is, there is a site here which explains the principles, with calendars for Europe etc. Information in American English can also be found here . . . . .

Happy gardening!