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Sad, Sad News - BF are going to rake it in

Posted by Annie-780884 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by antheakn-780955 - 14 years ago

I have rang P & O today as I have quite an amount saved up on the property owners point system.  They have basically said that for the next three months at least things will carry on as normal and that it is not expected until January the release of the new operator.  I asked about my points they said I could pre book and the other operator would honour the booking, I said that I really didn't know when I wanted to travel next year so the reply was book to be on the safe side and amend if needed and that way we all will not loose our points on the home owners membership.

Stinks a bit but that is the info I was given, hope it is use to others.



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Posted by Gogs-780866 - 14 years ago

Does anyone know when these cuts are going to happen?

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Posted by Chris Wigzell-781306 - 14 years ago

BF are even more expensive than PO! I am told PO boats were almost empty this year, due to their high pricing, which meant for me at least I didnt use them, and either stayed in France or went via cheap ferries from Boulogne. One feels that they wanted to close, and engineered it.BF may well find the same if they put up prices more.I am off to England on or about the 16th Oct and will offer a passenger place if needed.Chris Wigzell

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Posted by Jeni-780887 - 14 years ago

Typical, just as we'd convinced the kids that travelling to and fro on the fast cat would be easy and reasonably priced aswell!!!!!!!

Perhaps if anyone has spare places when travelling they could put a post on A.I.