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Setting up a business

Posted by john-781513 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by john-781513 - 14 years ago

Thanks mike for taking the time to explain things clearly,do you know of an english speaking accountant? we are in area 53 but can travel.

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Posted by mike-780836 - 14 years ago

Selling things is considered a "commercial" activity in France, so you need to get registered at the local Chambre de Commerce (if you made things and then sold them you'd be an artisan and would register at the Chambre de Métiers). There are many forms your business can take - e.g. a sole trader, a limited liability joint stock company (SARL, SA... which are similar in concept if different in execution to an English Ltd and Plc respectively, or a US LLC) etc.. Although you can get advice at the Chambre de Commerce, you might find that your best bet is to start with an English-speak accountant (preferably one who is familiar with your home-country's business practices and thus can explain the massive differences between the French approach and that taken in most English-speaking lands.

Try here to start with.

Unless you're really familiar with the system, I think it's always best to seek professional help; get things wrong and you can get into biiiig trouble...