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Cooker advice please?

Posted by Sue2-780848 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Sue2-780848 - 14 years ago

thanks for the replies,

someone suggested today that i should use propane as it burns hotter and lasts longer, anyone else found this?


Sue x

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Posted by emjay-780932 - 14 years ago

Our experience has shown the combination of gas hob and electric oven to be the best.  Trying to bake in our first gas oven was a nightmare - nothing like as good as the average UK style mains gas oven.  A bottle of gas lasts us about 4 months and we have adapted a floor standing kitchen unit next to the cooker to store it; again keep a spare to avoid sod's law jumping up to bite you and running out in the middle of cooking your Sunday lunch!




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Posted by gerbil-780940 - 14 years ago

No problems buying an electric oven - except double ovens are more-or-less non-existent. The oven should be on a separately-fused radial circuit - normally either 20 or 30 amp - even though many ovens come with a standard 16 amp plug.Propane gas bottles must always be stored and used outside with copper tubing to the inside. Butane has to be used inside (otherwise it won't vaporise in cold temperatures and provide enough gas pressure) but can be stored outside. You can get automatic "switches" which connect two bottles and change voer automatically when one runs out. An indicator on the "switch" shows when the bottle has run out.

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Posted by vonny-780909 - 14 years ago


A lot of people use a gas cooker with an electric oven which is actually more available because that is what people prefer (according to a specialist I talked to, as in a man who has sold household goods for years and years). My gas bottle lasts me about three months, I cook every day, have three children. The best thing to do is have a spare bottle so that you are sure never to run out (unless you forget to go and change the empty bottle as I have done in the past!).  You can also get one electric ring on the top which is handy.

The most important thing to think about when deciding of course, is where you stick the bottle. They do dinky square ones nowadays. These are more expensive to recharge and also run out a lot quicker, but they are handy for sticking in a small cupboard.


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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

Gas ovens not as good....in my opinion!

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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

We use bottled gas for the all-gas Range cooker. The gas lasts ages.

However, Gas ovens (not hobs) are not as good as electric ones. We bought a Sharp multi oven (about £180) which can grill/microwave and has an oven. Superb.