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electricity meters

Posted by Debbie-781106 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by emjay-780932 - 14 years ago

You can take and post your own meter readings on the EDF website - much of which is now in English or you can ask them to send you a card through the post on which you fill in the meter readings and return in the reply paid envelope. We do the latter and it seems to work very well.   MJ

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Posted by Glors-781873 - 14 years ago

Edf are very efficient.  Before we moved here they informed us we were paying too much and came and changed the meter whilst we were here on holiday.  By the time we got home there was a substantial credit for us.  Now we are here permanently they have been and changed the meter back (all this was free) to 6kw and said if this doesn't prove sufficient they will change to 9kw (again for free).  They always turn up on time.  They read the meter twice a year (Jan and July) and it is inside but they let us know when they are coming.glors (61)

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Posted by Chaussettes-781390 - 14 years ago

on the subject of electricity... EDF estimate the useage of electricity between their readings, based on ? last years consumption? We have our bills paid by prelevement and got caught out with two large bills after two 6 monthly readings. They offer 'service confiance' which you have to opt for by ringing them and thereafter, they send a letter asking for a meter reading every two months. This may be of use to somebody?...ChaussettesManche(50)

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Posted by cardi-781480 - 14 years ago

Have never seen or heard of Euro electric coin meters, my French neighbours say they don't exist.

You can get a £1 coin meter and use that. You may be able to adapt the mechanism to take 1 euro coins.

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Posted by Debbie-781106 - 14 years ago

Thanks for all the advice. i would like to know about slot meters if anyone is in the know????

Many thanks


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Posted by cardi-781480 - 14 years ago

You probably have the minimum 3KW set up which is at the lowest standing charge but with slightly higher unit charge.

When you get to your house go to the local EDF and ask them to read the meter which they are obliged to do once a year. Don't you have a neighbour who will let them in on their round?

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Posted by Steve-781437 - 14 years ago

I anticipate having the same problem. I have read somewhere (can't remember where) that EDF regs require you to have a meter accessable from outside. Usually in a GRP box that they have the key to. I saw a cost of 70 euros quoted for EDF to install such but it seems a bit cheap to me. I amm hoping to find out more (self preservation !!!)


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Posted by raystjohn's - 14 years ago

EDF require the meter to be read by their reader at least once a year. It is possible to have an external meter fitted but I think they may charge.If you only use the property for holidays they will install a 9kw meter, (sufficient for basic domestic appliences) free of charge, which uses a lower tariff rate of cost.If they don't get access to read it annually they will eventually get shirty.But I have always found them very helpful and efficient - they always turn up when they say they will.