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fosse septic & declaration de travaux

Posted by KEITH-781438 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by KEITH-781438 - 14 years ago

Thanks for the advice Andrew. One further thing if the artisan is the one resposible for compliance, where does that leave the self builders?

The UK builder I mentioned is reputable in the UK. Not sure he's 'reputable' in France. I'm sure his work is up to standard but I suspect he lacks the insurance and is probably working to English & Welsh Regs. Are the DTU's, etc... for Maritime France with regard to foundations, drainage and insulation similar to the English & Welsh Regs?

Regards Keith

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Posted by Andrew Booth-781179 - 14 years ago

keith if you look on the infomation pages there is a section on planning and construction, if you cannot find it e-mail me and i will send it to you directly.

If you are replacing any of the windows then you need a declaration de travaux.  If you are keeping the original windows and undertaking internal alterations only then you do not need a DT.

Septic tank will need some investigation of the soil and it is wise to consult the Maire regarding this as they will become responsible for upholding the 1996 regulations on drainage shortly and they may have specific companties to test the soil, this is happens in some area in Orne but not in Manche.

It is up to the building company to comply with the norms and arts and DTU's and French companies guarentee this work for 10 years, if the work is not up to the required standard then providing the client has paid the dommage ouverage then the work will be rectified and paid for by the insurance company of the contractor, client and any design consultant.

It is therefore not in the interest of the contractors to cut corners as their insurance premiums will rocket

As a matter of personal interest I would like to know the insurance details of the reputable UK builder because anyone who has a working knowledge of the 1000+ pages of the DTU's would be worth their weight in gold.   


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Posted by mick strange - 14 years ago

try going through your water supplier. in process of arranging mine. all inclusive deal with them including soil test at 300 euro, arranging permit + all installation.mick