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garden plants

Posted by nice guy-781301 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by green fingers-780882 - 14 years ago

we brought over quite a few plants without any problems, along with our furniture and other belongings. when we were stopped by customs, speaking French did help smooth our passage (especially difficult during the foot and mouth epidemic)

also you can order seeds from UK (sent direct to France) through Thompson and Morgan, as well as other seed suppliers around the world. we have also imported live roses from David Austin

happy gardening!


get planting....

green fingers

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Posted by Stargazer-780995 - 14 years ago


Have a look at the above link, niceguy, it'll be as clear as mud probably !

Give them a telephone call to be sure, which is what I did, get the persons name & dept also, at least it shows you've tried to do the right thing.

I didn't have as many pot plants as yourselves, but maybe you can divide them up between a few journeys, if that's possible.

It will also be useful to have your letter of house purchase (our notaire gave us a few signed copies) to show customs you are not a tradesperson, in case they ask why you have a number of plants. You may be stoped by someone who doesn't 'get' you love of plants.


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Posted by ukgrapevine - 14 years ago

Within  limits, house plants and potted plants should not be a problem....unless its something rare or exotic.    Strictly speaking though, there are regulations about this, no idea I'm afraid what or where you would find out, but I guess the Horticultural Society would be a good place to ask.

However 200 may well be seen as commercial trade and that would make it illegal to bring over without proper import/export documentation.

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Posted by avonlady-781067 - 14 years ago

I planted loads of sweet peas.  Next trip over and they had all been pulled out!  No idea who did it.   I guess it is always best to check with the Mairee?avonlady