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Getting BCG jab in UK

Posted by Priory-780845 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by vonny-780909 - 14 years ago

When you arrive in France (not sure if you are yet here)just find your local doctor and make an appointment. What usually happens is that he gives you a prescription for the jab, so you got to the pharmacy and get the vaccin, keep it in the fridge until your next rdv at the doctor's. He will check that your children are fit and healthy (they don't give it if there are colds lurking etc) and voila, he will do it for you and advise giving paracetemol syrup to calm any fever as a result.  He may well also ask you to do a 'patch' before the jab to check the immunity system already. Some people (myself included) are not able to be vaccinated more than twice (the legal requirement if the first doesn't work)because I don't react and some people even have the immunity without being jabbed. Consequently, you will be asked to go back (or the school nurse does the test once a year)to see if the vaccin has taken.  Hope this helps.  But if you are England, no idea what you do, can't understand that you couldn't get it done!