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ride on lawn tractors

Posted by nice guy-781301 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by nice guy-781301 - 14 years ago

thank you all for your replies i will search at the places that you suggested


lawrence BRITTON

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Posted by jane-780853 - 14 years ago

there was another thread about this somewhere, but i can't remember where. it mentioned that if you tilt the seat forward on various makes, you will see that they are all made by the same company - electrolux. we saw some over the summer at bricomarché (i think....opposite leclerc in avranches). they struck me as being very reasonably priced, starting at around €700.jane

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Posted by Brian nr Vimoutiers 61-781255 - 14 years ago

Hi Lawrence,

I don't know where Gorron is, but the local Firm of CATENA in the area around us near Vimoutiers and in the area about 50 km around here have some excellent special deals from time to time, with very good deals on a number of mower types.

I have used ride-ons for many years in the UK and have been pleased with several of the Westwood type of mowers with a sweeper/collector.

Having moved to Basse Normandy with 2 1/2 acres of (originally) very rough grass to cut I found the collection system was just too efficient and I was left with a tremendous volume of cuttings of which to dispose.

I rapidly decided to change to a side ejection (non-collecting) type of machine which if used regularly efficiently spreads the cuttings across the ground obviating almost entirely the need to collection or sweeping.

A friend of mine changed his Westwood sweeper collector for an up-market hydrostatic Honda recently and has found that that system just does not cope with anything but totally dry grass - a bit of a rarity here in Normandy!  He has now gone back to his Westwood!

For your information, my new side ejector (with gears) is extremely easy to use, very quick, nimble and manoeverable. It's faster than the Westwood and I get my 2 1/2 acres cut in about 2 1/2 hours. My machine is an Electrolux 38" cut, and was about the cheapest in the shop at about €800!

If you are anywhere near Vimoutiers I'd be happy to show you the machine and it's work, just EMail me.

Brian Hyder-Smith



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Posted by Priory-780845 - 14 years ago

Note that the ones with manually selected gears are a real pain in the neck to use. Having just bought a Honda with Hydramatic drive, I simply wouldn't EVER go back to the manual versions.

Watch out for the nowers in France being sold WITHOUT a collection bag. Again, if one is available, it will probably cost an extra 200-300 Euros.

I haven't used a ride on yet (I have owned 4) that copes well with roughish terrain. Neither will they get into the corners...

Expect to get through deck bearings and blades (and their adaptor blocks) at a fair rate. They are not particularly expensive, and if you can drop the deck yourself and change the blades, you're on a winner. Note that the blades must be well balanced after sharpening.

Having said that, they are excellent to use, the finish they provide in a short time is simply amazing... and they're more fun than poncing about with a shove mower.


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Posted by David584-781332 - 14 years ago

On the assumption that your are referring to a brand spanking new model, I have had a good look around on the Internet for the last hour and the cheapest that I have found are at Leroy Merlins.

They have two on the site starting at €1049. They can be found at http://www.leroymerlon.fr Select Le Jardin from the left hand column, tondeuses et autportee from the list under the mower picture and then autoportee et rider from that list, check all boxes and the complete list with pictures comes up.

The unfortunate thing is that the nearest Leroy Merlin to Gorron appear to be located in Le Mans and Rennes.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.

David H (99)