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Timber and roofs

Posted by moscowgaff-781202 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by moscowgaff-781202 - 14 years ago

thanks to hte above for the solutions i am sure between posting here and Bretagne forum we will have the solutions. Keep the ideas coming


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Posted by KEITH-781438 - 14 years ago

A posible soloution to your problem is to use a flat steel bar on edge that is bent so that each end runs down the centre of the rafters. The horizontal portion of the bar can be placed at a height to give you enough headroom and the predrilled 'legs' can be fixed to the rafters with coach bolts. This will tie together the rafters. This is quite a common soloution to such problems.

The tie will have to be designed by a structural engineer, i.e. its thickness, depth, length of 'legs' and number, size and spacing of coach bolts.

If this is not clear I can e-mail you a photo of such a tie.


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Posted by Steve-781437 - 14 years ago

Short term solution (maybe even long term?) could be to 'laminate' a 7m beam using (perhaps) three thinner sections to make up the 75mm or thicker, staggering the joints with large overlapping and through bolting possibly using lag screws and large washers. Should take the side forces away from the walls and give you breathing space.

Just a thought of course.