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Posted by rogerscott - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by mmcglas - 14 years ago


This may help, but before doing it ask yourself a few questions.

1. Do you have a contract with Totalgaz?

2. Has it expired?

3. Are there any termination cahrges? ie. uplift or pump-out charges.

If you have a positive answer to the questions, do the following: -

Write to the Managing Director Totalgaz and advise him that as from,(select a reasonable date, of say 1 month), that you will start charging Totalgaz for the storage of their property. Suggest an reasonable amount, (Say 100 Euros per day), and wait to see the reaction. After one month and 7 days send them an invoice for 700 Euros with a payment by return counterfoil.

Then go to the small claims court and file a claim for the money.

It works a treat in the UK, so unless you don't have a small claims procedure in France it should work as no company likes to pay money for nothing



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Posted by emjay-780932 - 15 years ago

Only 8 weeks - it took nearly a year and many 'phone calls/letters  to get rid of ours!