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Waiting for your first Tax Fonciere bill?

Posted by Annie-780884 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by Ann-n-John-781445 - 14 years ago

In reply to Annie:  The short and accurate answer is that I am not sure.

May I first say that I believe that the concession (non-liability in respect of tax d'habitation)  might only apply if the person concerned is 60 years or older.

One can still, perhaps, be resident in France for tax purposes (as the low paid French National would be) - but may still pay no tax (in France) on a forces or public service pension (eg. a Teachers' pension or a Civil Service Paymaster pension ) by virtue of the joint tax agreement between France and the UK (where the amount deducted in the UK in taken into account). This could mean that no further income tax is due in France from the UK National. It would then seem logical that the UK National should not be liable to pay tax d'habitation.

I wonder if there are any any British Nationals over 60 resident in France, who do not pay any French Income tax (for reasons such as those above or for any other reason) who nevertheless are billed for tax d'habitation. Such people should perhaps have their situations examined by a competent professional - or at least raise the appropriate questions at their Tresorerie or/and Hotel de Ville. 



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Posted by Annie-780884 - 14 years ago

Hmm, interesting twist!

What if you are resident in France, but don't pay tax 'cos you have no earnings in France (e.g. UK Forces pension taxed in UK)?



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Posted by Ann-n-John-781445 - 14 years ago

Tax D'Habitation: I believe that this is payable by the person who dwells in the property (who may or may not be the owner ). However I believe that it is the case that the tax d'habitation is NOT payable if the person concerned is not liable to pay income tax in France - eg.  a French citizen who is low paid etc such that he pays no income tax, or a British citizen not resident in France for Tax purposes who also is not liable to pay French income tax.

I believe that this is the case, but await any correction.



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Posted by Steve-781437 - 14 years ago

We have just bought house in 50 and the village mayor e mailed me asking for details of our ' civil state' ( date/ place of birth etc) is this for tax registration ???????


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Posted by Richard.Creighton - 14 years ago

Jeremy you are quite right the tax d habitation is paid by the owner of the property on the 1st of january, the bill for tax fonciere is sent to whoever owns the property on the 1st january, but is usually paid pro rata, if a property sale is completed in febuary the bill will be sent to the previous owner who will then persue the new owner for the 10 months he has owned the property during that year, a system that is both fair and correct.




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Posted by froggy-780969 - 14 years ago


that is clear and very helpfull, thanks. Does the ownership rule apply to both TF and T d' habitation ?


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Posted by jeremy-781041 - 14 years ago

Dear one and all,Someone on the thread asked about tax due on property bought this year. If you are the owner of a property on 1st January in any year YOU are liable for the TF for the whole year.Only if it is written in the compromis de vente do you the new owners, have to pay any portion of this cost. So if you sign the contract on the 2nd January, you are not liable for TF till the following year..Hope this helps.We also just got our tax Fonciere bill returned from UK, fortunately as sent to really old address.Payment due by 10th of October or pay 10 percent fine...Cheers Jeremy.

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Posted by CatWoman-781387 - 14 years ago

Thank you to Annie for starting off this thread. 

I went to the CDI today and was told my bill had indeed been sent to the UK, despite going into Domfront when we moved here in February and informing them. Do they ever listen? The lady behind the desk was wonderful she run me off a copy of the bill and told me I had until the 15th October to go to the Tresorie (not sure of spelling) to arrange my method of payment, all in one, in two halfs, quarterly etc.  Will be interesting to see where the bill for the habitation tax goes.  When is this one due??? does anyone know???

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Posted by Sue-781388 - 14 years ago

Thanks alot for the info Marsel.



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Posted by Marcel-781135 - 14 years ago

Just to add to the dates for last payment of taxes:

Taxe d`habitation maison principal: 15/11/2004

Taxe d`habitation maison secondaire: 15/12/2004

To help ease the pain, and to avoid forgetting you can easily set up monthly payments from a French bank account.