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SmartExpat Support DISCUSSIONS IN Normandy

Welcome to the SmartExpat Support discussions pages. Our Normandy discussions forums are a great place to interact with other members, form new connections and get answers to any questions you may have.

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Posted by animalhouse
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Help! Trying to contact admin as I pressed "report" button several times on my ad and some others- sorry to all! Thought it was something else. Can I get it removed, please??? ...

Replies: 3

Posted by Josie & Keith
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi, we were house hunting in lower Normandy recently and came across a lovely village called Sourdeval. There was a great mix of French and English people. I'm wondering what other villages in lower Normandy have a good mix of Brits and French people. I may be in France for periods of time on my own, and my French is a little limited, so choosing a village that has a good number of Brits in may be an advantage. Anyo...

Replies: 3

Posted by sammissy
Created: 1 year ago

why are there no telephone numbers available for private adverts only a box to contact by e mail . The same applies to local business adverts . Thank You ...

Replies: 0

Posted by boiler man-816274
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

I have received an enquiery via your web site, but unfortunately the email link does not work. Please can you let me know how to contact the person. Thank you Richard abbott ...

Reply: 1

Posted by texasnomore
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi this is a polite request for some new features. As i've said in my other posts I'm really liking the new site, but, there is always someone asking for something right? especailly us yanks! On other forums/sites I can see how many posts others have made, some even have a way of saying things are helpful. it helps me understand who's worth listening to and who's a boring blowhard. Would it be possible to be able to ...

Replies: 2