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DISCUSSIONS IN Normandy (France)

Welcome to the Normandy discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by Mel
Created: 5 months ago - Last reply: 5 months ago

Hi everyone. Is there anyone who lives near St Hilaire who could do a little detective work for me? Message me and we can have a chat. Many thanks. ...

Replies: 3

Posted by Iamhe
Created: 6 months ago - Last reply: 5 months ago

hi looking for an English plumber or French that speaks English,, need an extra rad put in , short run .pre en pail (61) area ...

Reply: 1

Posted by lilyleondavid
Created: 5 months ago

Hi, we are a bilingual family (I'm English, French husband, 3 kids born in France) and I'd love to meet any English women in the Condé-sur-Noireau, Flers, Vire or even Caen area with or without kids! My children are 14, 11 and 7, I'd like us to know some English people here. ...

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Sorry no image available
Posted by happy lady-799141
Created: 9 years ago - Last reply: 5 months ago

I am retired and receive a U.K. State pension and a Teacher's pension. I arrived in France,(Cotentin Peninsular) in October 2006. Did all the usaual, registered the car, changed to a French driving licince, registered with the local Tax Office (Hotel des Impots) set up Mutuelle to back up State medical payments. Went to the Mairie to request a Carte de Sejour and was told it was no longer a requirement as my passport...

Replies: 9

Posted by Louise-Lee-905195
Created: 5 months ago

Can anyone recommend someone to get rid of a wasp nest please? We're not sure, but may have an issue under a roof void. Many Thanks 50150 ...

Replies: 0