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Counselling for English or English speaking people-1

We offer Counselling and Psychotherapy in English near Plazac in the Perigord Noir. We are both fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapists and Counsellors, U.K.C.P. registered. For more information or to decide which one of us to choose, see the text below. Or to make an appointment with Julia phone 06 38 93 16 57. Or with David 06 40 16 31 96.

David and Julia moved to the Dordogne in 2016 and have been practicing as therapists in the area since then at  Montignac Counselling and Psychotherapy. Prior to that they both worked in Harley Street, London W.1. and in West Berkshire where they lived. David was also a lecturer, seminar leader and Supervisor for Psychotherapists for Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists and Guild of Analytical Psychology and is a member of International Association of Analytical Psychologists. Julia is a member of The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. and they are both accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

David is a Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist. Julia is a Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, and also a Couples Counsellor. Although we have undergone different trainings, our approach is the same, in that we will not treat you as a case but a person. We will treat you with sympathy and help you to clarify what it is that is troubling you.

David works with the Jungian concept that we all have an unconscious mind and seeing how unconscious motivation plays out in every day life by looking at dreams, complexes and irrational thoughts. Julia also works with the concept that we have an unconscious mind and helps her clients make what is unconscious conscious so they can understand better what drives their impulses, thoughts, feelings and responses. This can be helpful in both individual counselling as well as Couples Counselling. To understand more about how we each work and for more information please go to: www.montignaccounselingandpsychotherapy.com.

We are also near Rouffignac st Cernin, Sarlat, Montignac, Perigeux and for those who live further afield we are happy to offer you double sessions every two weeks. We do also offer online counselling or phone counselling services too. Usual practice is an hour of therapy once a week or twice if needed. Rate per hour is 50 euros for Julia and 70 euros for David for individual therapy. For Couple Counselling, Julia charges 70 euros per hour.


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