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DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Welcome to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by Des twigg
Created: 19 hours ago - Last reply: 3 hours ago

Hi any advice or recommendations to install an in-ground pool in the ruffec area would be much appreciated. Type of pool, installers, suppliers suggestions welcome. ...

Replies: 3

Posted by Cathy-Smith-910557
Created: 4 hours ago

I need to drive to Avignon TGV to collect some family members. I am quite an anxious drive when going somewhere for the first time. I have a couple of questions really..... Any tips for finding it - I obviously have various satnav devices in the car but they cannot compete with first hand knowledge. Also - is it easy to stop outside for 10 mins or so or are you herded into a multi storey as int he UK!!! This is goin...

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Posted by Chèvrefeuille
Created: 10 hours ago

Are these posts official Smartexpat advertising? Similar, not identical posts for Babell appear on other SE pages, they generate no replies and always stay near the top of the active topics despite experiencing no obvious interaction. If they are official adverts not genuine posts shouldn’t they be marked as such? ...

Replies: 0

Posted by icioulabas
Created: 5 days ago - Last reply: 10 hours ago

I have tried lost of different methods but have just stumbled on Babbel which actually makes it fun to learn again https://go.babbel.com/ai_2018_1220/default I have been suprised at ly progress and willingness to learn and its not expensive either , hope this helps someone. ...

Reply: 1

Posted by Beemer R80RT/K75C
Created: 9 months ago - Last reply: 10 hours ago

What a Damn awful site for placing an advert! I have sat here for 1/2 hour trying to create an ad to sell my '57 2CV, Hopeless! It keeps kicking me off and insisting that I live in Couhe (never been there in my life) ...

Replies: 3