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Financial & Legal DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Posted by Philip James
Created: 2 months ago

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Posted by bobbyk
Created: 1 year ago

We may sell our five year old new build ‘ maison secondaire’ to a UK buyer. Does the buyer have to transfer the sale price Euro funds to the Notaire or is it possible to avoid the costs involved in nugatory forex transfers beyond any French taxes or Notary fees? No intention here to defraud the French state but simply for us both to avoid the losses incurred with forex transfers as we will have to repatriate the Eu...

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Posted by Philip James
Created: 1 year ago

We are exclusive agent to direct providers Urgent Loan Fresh Cut BG, SBLC, MTN, Bonds, Bank draft and CDs which we have specifically for lease. We do not have any broker chain in this offer or get involved in Chauffer driven offers. We deliver with time and precision as set forth in the agreement. You are at liberty to engage our leased facilities into trade programs as well as in signature project(s) such as Aviati...

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Posted by sue T
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 9 months ago

I need to ask for some legal advise regarding inheritance and usufuct (property gift), does anyone know if it is normal for notaires to charge for consultation/advice, if so how much? ...

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Posted by annie12-115486
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi, does anyone have any information about on line saving accounts and just ordinary bank accounts. Fed up with CA bank charges. Thanks ...

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Posted by kate guijarro
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 1 year ago

Hello I am English I have been married to my French husband for 47 years - lived in France for 14 years I would like to get a French passport - can anyone please tell me how I can do this as easily as possible please  ( I have been told it can be very complicated do this in France - but then we have found most things are!!) We live 9 kilometres from Agen in the Lot et Garonne Any advice will be gratefully appreciate...

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Posted by papillonrose-545689
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 2 years ago

Hi there, I have just visited the Chambre de Metiers (CFE) website to change the registered address of my business, but it states it cannot be done online and directs me to a series of forms which do not seem to apply. Are there any Entreprises Individuelles out there who have had experience of changing their address for their business and can tell me the steps to do this? Much appreciated. PR :) ...

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Posted by nh627-789841
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 2 years ago

I have accumulated 8 years of pension in France and it is my intention to return to France early next year to continue working. Can anyone advise me on how many more years of contributions I will need to make before i qualify for a French pension and to whom in France (Parthenay) I would need to direct any enquiries. Appreciate any help that any of you may be able to offer. Kind regards Nigel Hanlon ...

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Posted by Loulabelle-571903
Created: 2 years ago - Last reply: 2 years ago

Asking on behalf of friends. This couple has four vehicles, all in her husbands name, he has now sadly passed away and we need to know how to transfer the ownership/ carte gris into her name so that she can legally drive them. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this please ? Many thanks in advance for any help. ...

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Posted by Saskia-SMITH-925219
Created: 2 years ago

We rent a Gite out (separate property), have a registered star rating for tax benefits and fill in a quarterly form. Currently we are filling out the 1st paper form 2042 and I am already stuck on the first page. At the bottom of the page to the right of the signature box it asks:-     “si vous souscrivez un declaration d’impot sur la fortune                 immobiliere cochez”                     ** Do I tick this bo...

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