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General DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Posted by Jolene-Dalton -917185
Created: 17 hours ago

Hi , I am looking for a little cleaning job . I speak fluent French , I have a car . I live in perigueux . I am available all the time . Phone me :) 0678072500 ...

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Posted by kate guijarro
Created: 1 day ago

Hello We live in the village of St Jean de Thurac this is a small village Located 9 kilometres from Agen - direction Toulouse looking for  someone with insurance to give us a reasonable quote to do 4 or possibly more shutter located on the upstairs windows also the eaves need paint this is about 30 metres Does anyone know of someone who would do a good job?? Thanks in advace Kate and Michel ...

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Posted by cockers
Created: 4 days ago - Last reply: 2 days ago

Does anyone know if the new 80 limit is reduced to 70 when its raining ? Does anyone know if the new 80 limit is reduced to 70 when its raining ? ...

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Posted by boggle-556216
Created: 1 week ago

Does anyone else have problems with deliveries from M&S since GLS started to handle the service? I have now had 2 none deliveries, and M&S customer services, just don't seem to careless, yes my money has been refunded as far as the cost of the order, but the fact that it cost me on the exchange rate, left me out of pocket. ...

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Posted by rollerboy
Created: 1 week ago - Last reply: 1 week ago

Hello Will Miller - I've been waiting patiently for you to make the text readable, but nothing has happened. It is still very difficult to make out, even with a magnifying glass, and I am getting FED UP with trying. When are you going to make the text dark enough to read properly? Please consider your users - we don't want trendy, we want usable. PLEASE! ...

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Posted by Damian
Created: 2 weeks ago - Last reply: 2 days ago

Hi all, this is my first post on this forum. We are an Australian family of 4 (kids 8 and 12) and we are moving to France before this September and are trying to narrow down our choice of places to live. Anyone out there live in Angoulême? If so we would love to hear what you think of this town. We've shortlisted this town for its proximity to the TGV, choice of schools and its look and feel. But somethings we cant r...

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Posted by Jennyfer-559996
Created: 2 weeks ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

we have had our oil fired Rayburn for about 7 years but our last service engineer has returned to the UK. Is there anyone out there who can service this cooker plus our boiler?? ...

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Posted by ashaw-514294
Created: 2 weeks ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

hi am looking for someone who can transport me a mini digger it is very small and I want it moveing about 40 miles anyone please ...

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Posted by mensignac-95856
Created: 3 weeks ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know where I can get a 1980's car a/c recharged? It has the old R12 gas system so I need a compatible drop in gas like RS24 or R426A or R437/R437A. I do NOT want to convert the system to R134A. If you know of anywhere in France that does any of the above gasses I want, please email me with their contact details. I would love to get my cars a/c system sorted before the heat of summer arrives. Thank you to...

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Posted by Paul V-615084
Created: 3 weeks ago

Can anyone recommend a good professional packing company in the Duras area? I have a 5 bedroom house to pack and then put into storage and need to get some quotes Any suggestions welcomed! ...

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