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DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Welcome to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by annie12-115486
Created: 5 days ago

Hi, does anyone have any information about on line saving accounts and just ordinary bank accounts. Fed up with CA bank charges. Thanks ...

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Posted by Des twigg
Created: 5 months ago - Last reply: 5 months ago

Hi Does anyone have experience with these - what is their quality and longevity like? Feedback on good suppliers, makes, and installation welcome ...

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Posted by DER-558859
Created: 5 months ago

Hi All just a word of warning to let you know we are in a little hamlet near St Romain and Jousse we had our barn broken into last night lots of tools looked at and cupboards opened and left scattered about but none taken. but the Freezer and fridge were completely emptied this according to our next door neighbor who has lived in the hamlet for 40 has never happened before in the hamlet  so please keep your barns loc...

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Posted by GuyaneseGuy
Created: 5 months ago - Last reply: 5 months ago

Hello everyone - I have a conundrum that I hope you can help me with. I currently live in the UK with a house sold subject to contract but not exchanged yet. I have identified a home in France that the owners are happy to sell to me. I have not signed the compromis de vente yet because I do not have a completion date in the UK. I have put down a deposit for a car in Belgium and want to bring it back to the UK tempor...

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Posted by Puffer-10056427
Created: 5 months ago

Does anyone out there use a Hand Held pool vacuum? I am looking to buy one but unsure of which type would be best. Only a small circular pool approx 3.5m diameter/700mm deep. I need to remove the fine dust particles that settle on the bottom. Any recommendations please? Thank you. ...

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