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DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Welcome to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by sue T
Created: 3 hours ago

I need to ask for some legal advise regarding inheritance and usufuct (property gift), does anyone know if it is normal for notaires to charge for consultation/advice, if so how much? ...

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Posted by slikym
Created: 1 week ago

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Posted by Puffer-10056427
Created: 2 months ago - Last reply: 1 month ago

I was amazed to receive an email yesterday informing me that a post I had made 6 months ago had received a reply. I though that this site was dead and buried? I assume it has now been re-born? Hopefully it will be a well used source of information and exchange of ideas as it once was. Any thoughts on this situation anyone? ...

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Posted by Chezsophie
Created: 1 month ago

Does anyone have a handyman that they can recommend and rely on to do ongoing jobs on a small cottage? We have had some very good ones but all moved away, so would appreciate a long term view on this if at all possible! Thanks for any assistance. ...

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Posted by rollerboy
Created: 9 months ago - Last reply: 2 months ago

If you receive an email inviting you to apply on line for the new Carte Vitale v3, DELETE it immediately. It is a scam designed to obtain personal details. The site uses authentic logos from official Agencies such as Assurances Maladies, and is couched exactly in the language and format you would expect from a Government site. But v3 of the Carte Vitale does not exist. Ditch it at once. ...

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