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DISCUSSIONS IN Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Welcome to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by dusita
Created: 3 days ago - Last reply: 22 hours ago

we have a problem with an above ground pool. It was installed earlier this year & we had to do the choc-treatment to get it clean for whenever the sun decides to shine. That worked fine, but each time the pump works we get a deposit of what looks like fine yellow sand on the bottom of the pool. I have vacuumed it to waste (several times ! ), but the problem re-occurs each time the pump works.. Although the pool ...

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Posted by kate guijarro
Created: 3 days ago - Last reply: 23 hours ago

Hello We need to change our car does anyone know of any good deals re part -exchange for a new car -please or anyone got a newish car for sale with low mileage thanks in advance Kate and Michel ...

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Posted by spottypony
Created: 8 years ago - Last reply: 1 day ago

hey i have all sorts of new tack. ill send you pics and information and you can give me a price you're willing to pay? i dont want much. as iv had it a while and have no use of it.need a quick sale.thanks...

Replies: 7

Posted by craig_27
Created: 5 days ago - Last reply: 2 days ago

Hello Can anyone help me, I'm looking to hire a sailing dinghy for half an day to a day near Sauze Vaussais when I come to France at the end of July with my family? Anyone know of any lakes / rivers I can hire one? Thank you ...

Replies: 2

Posted by kate guijarro
Created: 3 days ago

Hello We have several shutters that need to be painted -they are all on the first floor of out house We live in the village of St Jean de Thurac Does anyone know of a good painter who can do this work for a fair price Thanks my telephone number is 05 53 95 79 38 Kate and Michel ...

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Posted by papillonrose-545689
Created: 1 week ago - Last reply: 3 days ago

Hi there, I have just visited the Chambre de Metiers (CFE) website to change the registered address of my business, but it states it cannot be done online and directs me to a series of forms which do not seem to apply. Are there any Entreprises Individuelles out there who have had experience of changing their address for their business and can tell me the steps to do this? Much appreciated. PR :) ...

Replies: 3

Posted by rollerboy
Created: 1 week ago - Last reply: 4 days ago

Hello Will Miller - I've been waiting patiently for you to make the text readable, but nothing has happened. It is still very difficult to make out, even with a magnifying glass, and I am getting FED UP with trying. When are you going to make the text dark enough to read properly? Please consider your users - we don't want trendy, we want usable. PLEASE! ...

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Posted by Fish24
Created: 1 year ago

Today, Monday, 18th July at 12h00.  Everyone, all over France, is requested to observe 1 minute's silence in memory of the recent happenings in Nice. ...

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Posted by Charlotte
Created: 6 days ago - Last reply: 4 days ago

Hi All, We are looking at moving to France, I was wondering where you all looked for jobs? Is there a job board or anything to look on? Thanks Charlotte ...

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Posted by Greta
Created: 4 days ago

Can anyone recommend an English speaking pool repair person/company within distance of Vanzac (nr Jonzac) ...

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