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The largest of the French regions, Nouvelle-Aquitaine stretches from the Centre West of France all the down the coast to meet with Spain in the South West. Like the wines it produces, it’s full of character and many expats already call it home. The stunning capital, Bordeaux, sits half way down the region, close to the coast, and encapsulates the best of Southern life in France – incredible architecture, delicious food and wine and warm weather.

It has a great reputation for healthcare and is ideal for Anglophone retirees as well as families who have set up in the nearby areas of Bergerac and Périgueux. Move away from Bordeaux and into the Basque country for excellent beaches, mountains and summer festivals. Much further North you’ll find the small but lively cities of Poitiers and Angoulême.

Did you know


Bordeaux was made the capital of France in 1914 when government moved there out of fear of German invasion. When the capital was moved back to Paris a year later you'll be glad to hear there were no sour grapes from the Bordelais.