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Nigel White Architect

A fully qualified English architect based in the south of France specialising in residential design. A complete architectural design service for both renovations and new builds. Fluent in English and French (81).


 I am a fully qualified English architect based in the Midi-Pyrénées, specialising in residential and retail design.

Additional Information

My office offers a complete architectural design service from advice, surveys and sketches through to planning permission and site management for both renovations and new builds.

We work regularly on projects throughout South West France: the Midi-Pyrénées, lHerault, Dordogne and the Pyrenées Orientales.

Design approach

For both renovations and new builds, the bulk of our time is devoted to the sketch design phase. As far as possible, meetings will be held on site as this helps to validate our ideas and improves our understanding of building conditions, climate, and construction difficulties.

The plans are organized around your lifestyle, your design brief and the site and views. The climate in the south of France allows us to live and eat outdoors seven months of the year. The garden is also an integral part of the day to day living spaces.

Our Projects

The majority of our designs involve renovation projects for which we provide a full project management service. This includes the feasibility studies, surveys, sketch proposals and preparation of models, budget estimates, planning permission, and general project management. Although we generally work with a selected group of our own builders clients are free to choose their own tradesmen.

New builds provide the opportunity for modern designs and a wider variety of building materials and construction methods. In the past we have used monomer, Euromac 2 (using polystyrene shuttering), mud blocks and timber in addition to the traditional materials.

I have no real preference for any one system preferring to choose according to the site conditions, cost, availability, and access. The South of France experiences relatively mild winters, and long hot summers. I prefer creating conditions with a high thermal inertia. (This thermal stability being useful in regions where the doors are generally left open and incoming warm outside air would otherwise overheat these interiors).



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