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Rachel Thomas-Bonnet

UK trained lawyer with over 20 years experience working in France. Legal, financial, tax and administrative help for all aspects of France and French life. No problem too big or too small. Translation work also undertaken.

20 years ago, a young law graduate decided that her future lay in France.

Today, Rachel Thomas-Bonnet provides you with a comprehensive “after sales service” for all your needs in France.


Rachel is established in the Languedoc, but her client base stretches from Ireland to New Zealand, with a quick detour via Abu Dhabi. Rachel has been described as both a comfort blanket and a Rottweiler. She is all of this and everything in between......whatever it takes to get satisfaction for her clients. Just take a look at the testimonials on her website and you’ll understand why people turn to her for help and support.

Thanks to the 7 years Rachel spent working for the Groupement Notarial in Carcassonne, she can provide all the support you need, throughout either the purchase or resale of your French property; liaising with both the agent and notaire end ensuring as snag free as possible transaction.

Not sure of the tax system here? Let Rachel guide you through the multitude of pitfalls and ensure you sleep at night. She isn’t afraid to tackle the tax authorities when things don’t look right.

Life goes on here, just as it would back in the old country. Rachel has supported many people through their divorce in France. Her steadfastness and objectivity provide a solid base during this difficult and stressful time. As it does for anyone having to deal with litigation of any kind, whatever its origins: dispute between neighbours, unpaid bills, property foreclosure, etc.


"Thanks to Rachel’s wide network of notaires, barristers, and other professionals, when she can’t provide 100% of the service, she always knows a man who can! Her many clients with interests throughout the whole of France, rely on her for an incredibly wide range of services and advice. Her motto:”Nothing’s too small or too big.” 


"She even holds full power of attorney for some people, allowing them to have their French interests run smoothly, without having to worry about not being in situ."


“Thanks to 20 years of living here, there really aren’t many situations that I haven’t experienced first hand”, she says. “This really does give me the insight and ability to handle my clients problems with feeling, and not make them just feel as though I’m going through the motions. I provide the human side of legal, fiscal and administrative issues”


Please feel free to contact Rachel with any queries you may have on any aspects of living in France.


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