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Long term rental or holiday let ?

Posted by frenchbeads1-425526 - 3 months ago
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Thanks for any advice on this - we need to rent out our town house in Bagnères de bigorre for an income. Is there much demand for this on long term rental? The holiday let I imagine would be more income but involves maintenance and changeovers. We live in Brittany so not an option to do that ourselves.

We know what the markets are like here but dont have a feel for Pyrenees area.

Without going into huge details on the property, its truly central, no real outside space, one large bedroom and one open plan area on ground floor which could accommodate children sleeping area. All done up with central heating etc.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info.

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Posted by frenchbeads1-425526 - 3 months ago

Thanks so much - I will pm you later today if that is ok. Thanks again.

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Posted by Alan Longland-599034 - 3 months ago

Demand is strong for both in the whole area beneath the Pyrenees, whether as a long term let for those looking to buy property, visit another area/country etc, or as a short term holiday let for ski-ing etc.

However, on the holiday/short term let, how do you propose dealing with handovers? Easy to say "find a local" but not easy to do. It also reduces your income.

My inclination would be to go for longer (3 month) saisonnieres rentals or even a twelve month Meublee contract, issued with the notice ltter at the same time. The tenant cannot then claim they had any belief that they could re-new automatically. That can then be "managed" as time goes on.

If you want to discuss in more detail, PM me. Experience of both. And both good and bad!