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DISCUSSIONS IN Occitanie (France)

Welcome to the Occitanie discussions forum.

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Latest Discussions

Posted by nick11-498310
Created: 4 days ago

I am looking for someone with a van that can help me empty a house in Argeliers of furniture and take it to storage in Homps (on approximately 12 July). Please leave a message or text me on +61417303265 and I can phone you back. Thanks Nick ...

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Posted by Linkies
Created: 5 days ago

Can anyone recommend a company in the Quillan area who can service and replace the belts on our ride on mower, in particular Cub Cadet?  We are too far from the main service company/supplier and are not able to transport the mower to them.  We are hoping there will be someone locally who can come out to us and fit the belts for us.  Thank you ...

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Posted by Villefranchoise
Created: 1 week ago

I am currently not in France and haven't been for some time, and would like to check my voicemail. I know when our recorded message clicks in that I need to tap something in to be able to listen to my messages, but I've forgotten what! Any help appreciated. It's an Orange ligne fixe. ...

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Posted by Languedoc Builders
Created: 1 month ago

Self employed general labourer required to join a happy crew. French language not absolutely necessary. Current building site located in Tuchan (11350) Must be competent in using a variety of tools associated with building works. Monday to Fridays, 12€ per hour. Please contact or email: enquiries@languedocbuilders.com or contact from our webpage www.languedocbuilders.com ...

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Posted by PezneyL-872829
Created: 3 weeks ago - Last reply: 1 week ago

Hi, I've been an micro-entrepreneur for some time and I think I'm a bit out of touch with changes to some of the rules. 1) Am I right in thinking that I now need a separate business account? If I don't have one will I get fined? If so, how much? 2) I have never received a bill for CFE. Ever. And I am long past the exoneration period. It might be that they class me as an artisan (who are exempt from CFE I believe). I'...

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Posted by aveyron-533505
Created: 1 week ago

EDF have hugely increased their charges. I intend to switch suppliers by possibly using the site 'Selectra'. Has anyone had recent experience of changing suppliers? How did you go about it and who did you choose? Thanks! ...

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Posted by kinsbourg
Created: 3 weeks ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know of a bilingual lawyer in Montpellier or Béziers, Occitainie, France please? I need one for problems I have with a building firm who have re-tiled my terrace badly and it now leaks. The solicitor I have doesn't speak any English and my French isn't good enough for legal jargon. ...

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Posted by AnnahandDan
Created: 3 weeks ago

Hi all We are looking for a place to rent (room, apartment or house) from July to October. We were offered accommodation but have been let down. We will be living in Lamalou les Bains until July and would like to stay within an hours drive of Lamalou. Please let me know if you know of anything going. Thank you Annah ...

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Posted by LilyP
Created: 3 weeks ago

I would like to know the price of the latest vaccine (not the one which requires three injections - I have been told there is another) - can anyone help/have any info. please. Thanks in advance. ...

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Posted by VALERIE
Created: 3 weeks ago

Hello, I am a French woman and I am looking for a job of house manager in Béziers area. I can help you in different fields : house cleaning, gardening, pool cleaning, welcoming, pet sitting, French administration law, rent schedules... I have experience and I can give you recommandations. I need a job with accomodations. I prefer working for foreign families to practise and perfect my English and because I can bring ...

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