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The quintessence of continental culture and living, Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France, also boast one of the strongest urban economies. With a diverse mix of multinationals and start-ups, both French and American, it’s the perfect for city dwellers who want their first slice of European life. 

Founded in the 3rd century BC by the Gaulish tribes, Paris is France’s capital city and is located in the centrally and to the north of the country. With the Eurostar running from Gare du Nord and three airports in the region, transport links to Europe and the rest of the world are impeccable. Iconic landmarks and museums and a packed cultural events calendar mean Parisians are spoiled for choice when they leave their flats. All nationalities are represented here and it is particularly accessible for expats who have not yet grasped the French language.

Did you know


Paris - one of a kind. Or is it? In 1918, the French government hatched a plan to create a "fake Paris", a few kilometres from the real city, in order to confuse German enemy planes. Unfortunately before the fake city could be completed, the Armistice was signed.