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DISCUSSIONS IN Pays de la Loire (France)

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Posted by muffy1
Created: 4 months ago - Last reply: 4 days ago

Hi I need  help  I was supposed togo to hospital 2 years ago for an Endoscopy but the last time I had it done inLe Mans hospital it was more like a garden hose and  it was shoved down my throat,  left throat in a bad state for 4 months, thefirst time I had it was over seas in Malaysia they used a thin tube but gave me2 teaspoons of a syrup before hand which deadened the throat and he gently putthe tube in and every t...

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Posted by tiger-635726
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 week ago

Recently we saw the Notaire to make our wills subject to English law.  He has drawn up a statement for us to sign but it still mentions successors.  We probably need an English speaking french lawyer in the 49 area, does anyone know of one.  ,   ...

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Sorry no image available
Posted by Cousin Kay-540831
Created: 4 years ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

We're thinking of moving from Poitou Charentes to Sable-sur-Sarthe. I've looked at all the usual websites for the town but would appreciate your views. Should we do it? ...

Replies: 5

Posted by andrew
Created: 1 month ago - Last reply: 2 weeks ago

How to start? Can anyone help me as i consider leaving full-time employment the UK and relocate to the region. I am looking to buying a small semi rural farmhouse and running a small guesthouse in Summer 2020. I am asking to chat with those that have already taken this path to discuss "things i should consider". Specifically locations i should consider and avoid; business viability, pros and cons of moving from stabi...

Replies: 10

Posted by marmaduke-629551
Created: 3 weeks ago

Open Mic at The Red Lion ,Desertines this Sunday 3rd June from 3pm come along show off your talent or just enjoy the show Entertainment ...

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Posted by Leah Napleton
Created: 4 weeks ago

Hi everyone! I'm just wondering how many of you maybe into holistic healing and alternative therapies as choices for healthier lifestyle? I'm running a few free classes in the area this weekend but am looking to do more in the coming months if there's enough interest. Does learning about natural solutions to health, reducing chemicals/toxins in your home appeal to you or not? Thanks in advance for your responses ever...

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Posted by toobad
Created: 1 month ago

Does anyone know all about the grants available for renewable energy use . We need a new boiler and loads of stuff online but it is very hard to make any sense of it all.It seems private companies are competing to get us to buy their ideas and products quoting huge savings but what we all need to know is exactly what we will get and when not mythical amounts that could be available. Surely some of you guys have dealt...

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Posted by capricorn-637420
Created: 1 year ago - Last reply: 1 month ago

I hope this is the right place to post.  Not really financial, but nothing else fits.  I have just bought an ipad mini and I want to buy a sim card for it.  I only want a small amount of data.  Basically I want to be able to get a weather forecast when I am out in my boat (I know I can only do this within mobile phone range).  I am not at all knowledgeable about this sort of thing and can't understand the adverts eve...

Replies: 6

Posted by TREVOR ADKINS-638533
Created: 1 month ago - Last reply: 1 month ago

I am having difficulty in finding a supplier of swimming pool salt , I require about 100 kg , can any body help . I am in the Gorron area. ...

Reply: 1

Posted by marmaduke-629551
Created: 1 month ago

Open Mike this Sunday 6th May at The Red Lion,Desertine from 3pm come along show your talent or just enjoy ...

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