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Law Offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto

The law offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto are based in Monaco and have a strong international focus due in equal parts to the diversity of their clientele and to the nature of the cases they undertake.

Jean-Charles S. Gardetto, Attorney at law (Avocat-Défenseur) was admitted to the Bar of Monaco in 1988 and has since built up a practice in both counselling and litigation covering numerous aspects of the law.

Due to his educational background in both France and the United States, Jean-Charles S. Gardetto has been able to attract and maintain an international client base, which has in turn determined the nature of the firm’s practice.

The members of the firm are multilingual legal practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. They include a partner, Jean-Charles S. Gardetto, Attorney at Law, as well as several associates who received their legal education in France and abroad, and who are qualified in all the main disciplines of the law.

Both Monegasque and foreign clients can expect to deal with a qualified, professional team that, due to its unique composition, is capable of addressing a wide range of legal issues in all Monegasque jurisdictions. In addition, the team is well-suited to advise on the implementation of a variety of projects and to help its clients establish themselves in the Principality of Monaco should they wish to do so. 

The firm regularly handles international litigation and projects.

In addition, its network of overseas contacts allows it to serve its clients even beyond the borders of the Principality of Monaco.


Litigation and Pre-litigation

Civil Law : civil liability, victim compensation, non-performance of contracts, construction , real estate, securities, inheritance, family law (particularly divorces), international child abduction, international litigation over child custody, legal expertise in amicable or judicial settings…

Commercial and Business Law: commercial disputes, ending business relations , unfair competition, deceptive business practices, debt collection, cessation of payment and insolvency proceedings, commercial leases.

Corporate law: corporate disputes, litigation between shareholders, designation of trustees, dissolution …

Banking and financial law, notably regarding the liabilities of banks and financial institutions, disputes over credit and stock exchange transactions …

Insurance law

Employment law, disputes over dismissal (individual and collective), negotiated departures…

Intellectual property law: trademark protection, copyright infringement, disputes over authors’ rights…

White collar crime

Public administrative law: annulment of administrative decisions, liabilities of public entities (state, municipality …)

International private law

Civil procedures: precautionary measures, liens on bank accounts, real estate and ships, recognition and implementation of foreign judgments, enforcement of legal decisions


The firm offers legal counsel to businesses and private individuals, notably in the following areas:

Moving to Monaco, foreign investment in the principality of Monaco, help with family offices

Drawing up contracts

Banking and financial law: Applicable norms, legal framework of investment services, bank acquisition, creation of management corporations , authorization of financial institutions, investment methods in Monaco, assisting clients with regulatory authorities, distribution of financial products, Monegasque mutual funds, bank guarantees…

Corporate law: Company creation, mergers, acquisitions, “due diligence”, establishment of administrative offices, installation of foreign companies, relations with governmental administration…

Acquisition of real estate assets, drawing up civil and commercial leases

Insurance law

Security interest law: mortgages, bail bonds, pledges, first-demand guarantees…

Employment law: hiring formalities, drawing up employment contracts, assistance with dismissals (individual and collective)

Intellectual property law: trademark applications, authors’ rights

Data protection law, particularly declarations of data processing and the transfer of information between companies.


The law offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto combine a high level of skill with a personal approach.

We take care to establish a relationship of trust and respect with each of our clients, whether they are companies or private individuals.

Mindful of their needs, we guarantee that we will listen to them, be available when they need us and act quickly upon their requests. Furthermore, we endeavor to tailor a solution to the specificities of each client’s case, taking into account both local and international considerations.

Our team is careful to provide quality service, combining rigour and efficiency.

The firm regularly appears in guides and rankings of the best law firms.

Since 2010, the firm has benefited from the ISO 9001 certification for the quality of its services, granted by Bureau Veritas, an international certification body. 

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