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William Peterson

Franco-American Partner in a full service law firm: arbitration/mediation/litigation, business, real estate, construction/public works, automobile distribution/litigation, employment & family matters. Founder: Anglo-American Business Network.

Mr. Peterson is a Franco-American partner in Ringlé Roy and Associés, a full service law firm founded in 1984 by former Bar President Marc Ringlé, Bruno Roy and Marie Orsoni-Ringlé.

Today the firm consists of six partners with the addition of Caroline Ranieri, Sylvie Rueda-Samat and William Peterson in 2007, and associate lawyers and legal assistants working in English or French in the following areas:

arbitration, mediation, commercial and civil litigation, business, contracts, company law, real estate transactions and litigation including commercial and residential leases and co-ownership issues, construction & public works, automobile distribution, accidents & litigation, including liability of automobile dealers/garages and experts, corporate social responsibility (RSE in French), employment law (all aspects, including social security litigation), litigation with non-governmental organizations subject to the jurisdiction of Administrative Tribunal of  International Labor Organization  family matters, including divorce & inheritance litigation. 

The firm is a member of the French network of law firms Etelio (http://etelio.fr/), with law firms located in each major city in France. It also has an extensive network of correspondent firms and lawyers around the world and its certified ISO 9001.

Mr. Peterson is a member of the Marseille and California Bars and an Arbitrator with the Arbitral Tribunal of Barcelona and the Vienna International Arbitral Centre. He handles relations with foreign investors, including international litigation and arbitration.

He is a founder, former President and current Board Member of the Mediterranean Anglo-American Business Network (http://www.maabn.fr/ ) that represents the American Chamber of Commerce and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the region. The American and British Consulates actively support MAABN. Mr. Peterson is in regular contact with these Consulates. 

He represents or has undertaken projects for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as the French offices of many foreign companies and non-profits such as the British Council and Camargo Foundation.

He Co-Chairs with an Australian arbitrator the International Litigation Program at the Institut de droit des affaires at Aix-Marseille University that includes preparation for the Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (https://vismoot.pace.edu/) and various courses such as international arbitration and the Vienna Sales Convention (this programme is entirely in English).

He is also Co-Chair of International Commission of the Bar of Marseille where he regularly organizes conferences and workshops on international law and arbitration. Upcoming workshops and conferences are regularly posted on the firm’s website.

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